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Anyone ever hear of a Dean Rankin?

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I get e-mails from him from time to time. He always mentions Jackson by name. He claims to have the best training books and lessons in the world! I don't know how I got on his mailing list and I know nothing about him. I have never heard anyone mention his name, good, bad, or other wise. Just wondering..........

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Linda, here are a couple of links I found after running a Google search






I used to get something similar, a year ago, because I put in my email address and they were asking for my dog's name. So I got a bunch of emails luring me to buy some training DVD or simmilar, all addressing Ouzo by name

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Originally posted by Black Watch Debatable:

Wait a minute --- there must be some mistake. Dean Rankin is a pit bull trainer... cool2.gif

Yeah and apparently he uses the exact same mantra, just changing the breed.


Well, my instincts told me he was full of crap, glad I was right!


Thanks y'all.

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It seems that some people actually tried to buy that stuff! Serves them right. Yuck and puke!!! I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from someone advertising this "tastefully", no matter how cheap it was or how badly I needed it.

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