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Intro, and a Q regarding Lepto

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Good morning Border Collie world:

Introducing myself, my family and I are very much enjoying our new puppy, Montgomery, who is now about six months old.  He's our third Border Collie, and is a textbook perfect dog in every respect.  He's the happiest dog we've ever had, and we're incredibly lucky to have him.

However, one conundrum has come up which may, or may not, be worth worrying about.  Our breeder was incredibly concerned about anecdotes that she had heard regarding the Lepto vaccine, and how border collies specifically have had very severe reactions to it in recent years.  Our vet, on the other hand (who we have used for twenty five years) mentioned that his research, including a communication with the vaccine manufacturer, suggests that the risk of side effects is quite low, and that we shouldn't be particularly concerned.   Certainly, Lepto is severe, and does occur in New Jersey, which is where we live.    

Is there any reason to be concerned about that vaccine specifically, as it relates to border collies?  (This is not a request for anti-vax rhetoric in general, only a very specific question to help resolve the contrast between our breeder, and the vet.  The vet has far more credibility, as far as I'm concerned, but upon checking the boards here, some of the older leapt threads seem to refer to an older injection.)  

Thanks !!!

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Hello Charles, 

I believe that the current protocol for the Leptospirosis vaccine is to NOT include it in the first puppy vaccines (Distemper,  Parvovirus, Andinovirus/Hepatitis, and Parainfluenza).   Then, after that series of vaccines is finished (and the puppy is about four months old), the Leptospirosis vaccine is given.  Perhaps your breeder's concern is regarding including Lepto in the initial vaccines for the puppies, which is not recommended.  


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