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New puppy - ear prediction!? (For fun)

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i just got my first border collie a month ago, his name is Triple.  I’ve had many dogs, and currently have another 2 (10 year old Jack and 1.5 year old mutt).

Ive always wanted a BC, but had to wait until the right time.  

Triple is the Easiest puppy I’ve ever had, and I’m accrediting that to his border collie brain.  

He is 3 months old, smart, sweet and oh so funny!  We are going through the Great War chafe right now, so every day it’s a surprise as to what we are going to wake up to! Up? Down? Sideways?  Who knows!  

I’m hoping to do agility and dock diving for fun with him, and maybe dabble in some hearding.  We’ll see!






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Just for grins, I predict one prick ear and one semi-prick, mostly because I think that is so cute.

jami, my Australian shepherd had a mono-ear for a while.  He wound up with beautiful big prick ears.  Of course the AKC people were telling me how to tape or glue them into the "correct" semi-prick shape.  I told them he wasn't an Aussie, but a Royal Queensland Bat-eared Shepherd, and that the RQBESC did not believe in ear torture.

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Wow, he’s beautiful! 

Our Ben had a mono ear at that age, or triangle ears as we called it! 

He’s 8 months old now and I still couldn’t really say how his ears are! Half the time they are flopped (airplane), the other half one is pricked up and one is airplane. But it’s not always the same ear that is pricked up, that varies too! 

If he’s concentrating they’re always pricked up, and if he’s tired they’re always airplane. 

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