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  1. Hey everyone. im just wondering what or if you give your dog anything before, during or after a hard work out to help boost recovery. Obviously water, lol, but anything like the equivalent of Gatorade ? (No, I’m not giving my dog Gatorade) or is water and rest the best? I’ve heard sugar after a run, honey, corn syrup, bone broth... Just wondering
  2. Hey! I have a 9 month old intact male. He WILL NOT pee away from home. Sometimes I can get a dribble out of him, but that’s it! he has a potty command, that is solid. 100% of the time at home. no problems pottying on leash at home. I have taken him dock diving, where he consumes a lot of water, and WON’T pee until we get home! not over pee, not over his own poop. He likes to pee on my jack Russell, so I brought her to an event, he peed on her once, and that was it! if there is anything exciting, he won’t pee. (I have halted any water sports until I can sort this out, because I know the dangers of it) any suggestions welcome. I will try ANYTHING (well almost anything.. ) thanks!!!!
  3. Hey! How’d the ears turn out? My pup has that same set I know that doesn’t mean his will turn out the same... just curious
  4. I know there’s no way to tell. It’s just so exciting to try to guess! Especially if the guess come from previous experiences!!!
  5. Hey!!!! i just got my first border collie a month ago, his name is Triple. I’ve had many dogs, and currently have another 2 (10 year old Jack and 1.5 year old mutt). Ive always wanted a BC, but had to wait until the right time. Triple is the Easiest puppy I’ve ever had, and I’m accrediting that to his border collie brain. He is 3 months old, smart, sweet and oh so funny! We are going through the Great War chafe right now, so every day it’s a surprise as to what we are going to wake up to! Up? Down? Sideways? Who knows! I’m hoping to do agility and dock diving for fun with him, and maybe dabble in some hearding. We’ll see!
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