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Cricket - 2003-2018


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We let our Cricket go yesterday. She was a great border collie. She wasn't a working dog but that didn't matter to us. We got Cricket at 6 months old from  a couple who should never have owned an energetic BC. She had become so nervous that the first thing her owner said to me was 'She needs to be put to sleep!" We bought her and discovered in short order that she was terrified of everything and at 8 months of age we found out that she had severe hip dysplasia. We opted for an operation and later that year moved to our farm. She blossomed, and could run like the wind. Last fall, she started having more issues with her hind quarters and we were worried that she wouldn't make it through the winter. She had terrible arthritis - could go down the stairs to the back yard but not climb back up. She weighed 45 lbs so we would carry her up. DH built an elevator for her early this spring which helped a great deal. She was on pain medications and we knew that it would likely shorten her life but we opted for quality not quantity - she was 15 after all. Friday morning we knew the time had arrived - even with her pain meds, she could only walk a few feet before collapsing - quality - not quantity. She was laid to rest with Jazz and Zach under a beautiful lilac tree.


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