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  1. Thank's D"Elle, that's what I am doing now. Heading back home from Arizona to Michigan. He's been great so far.
  2. I am starting to making him stay in the front seat where I can control him.Taffy my other BC don't really like it because the front seat has always been her area. I see how this goes for awhile. Their still the problem when I leave the dogs in the truck and go into the store. Tucker barks his fool head off. Never use too. I am wondering if someone has harassed him when I was in there. He probably has a lot of fear when I am gone. When he was in his kennel maybe he did feel a lot safer.
  3. Tucker will be 2 years old the end of may. He loves riding in the car and use to greet people at the fast food drive though window with eagerness and excitement but never barked at them. I started leaving Tucker in my truck with my other dog a few month ago. Up until then He was alway in a kennel while in my truck. He has become very aggressive to any one or thing that is remotely even close to him while he is in the truck or my 5 wheel camper. He doesn't just bark he viciously barks at anyone or thing that is within eye sight. He is uncontrollable when he is like this. I can't even talk to anyone that may come up to the vehicle. He especially hates bikes. Fast food drive up is out of the question any more. I don't know what to do except put him back into his kennel when riding in my truck. I can at least reach and control him in the kennel. Anyone one have any other ideas?
  4. I have to say, D'Elle's recommendation on the Slow Feed Bowl was excellent! It works better than I had imagined. Now Taffy will chase that Kibble around and around that bowl till she gets every last piece and it takes her much, much longer to eat her food. I'm not sure she likes it but it makes me feel a whole lot better knowing she is not gulping her food down now. I think she is even crewing it a little now. Thank You!!
  5. I tried this tonight. It did slow her down.
  6. Well I guess this makes me feel a little better knowing all dogs don't chew their food. I never new this. Thank you
  7. Taffy, my older BC (13) seems to not want to chew her food. I really did not realize this until the other day she regurgitated her evening meal all over my floor. Then I noticed the whole chunks of food had not even been chewed. She eats so fast also. Today I tried to feed her one piece at a time and still she doesn't chew it. She just swallows them. I give her bully sticks from time to time and she chews the heck out of those but not her food. Last night I gave her a medium size dog biscuit and walked in the other room for a minute and when I came back she was trying to dig in her mouth with her paws. It took me a few seconds to figure out what she was doing. She was chocking to death. It scared me so bad I didn't know what to do. Finally it came out and she could breath again. If a dog could of turned blue she'd be a very dark blue. I grabbed her up and hugged her and thanked God she was still alive. Anyway what can I do to make her chew her food?
  8. Yes he does know and loves his crate. All I have to do is walk over to it and say "kennel" and he shoots in. If I stand there for a minute he will roll over very excitedly thinking he might get a cookie for it. Sometimes he does get a cookie sometimes not. I am working on what D'Elle said and I believe it will work on Tucker.
  9. I all ready know who's tougher. He is! I will try what you say D'Elle. Thank You
  10. Ya…he doesn't much like to be picked up. If you can pick him up, you not going to hang on to him long.
  11. Better…….He is still a very high energy dog with a willingness to please.
  12. Tucker is 10 1/2 months old now. He's still a wonderful puppy but I needs some ideas on how to stop his mouthing of my hand and arm. He's not bitting but he constantly wants to play with my hand/arm in his mouth. I discourage this and he is good for a few seconds or so and then starts again. I am sure some of it is from lack of exercise. The weather here in Michigan has been so crapy. Is this something that all BC's puppies go though? When he was younger he did bite hard but he does not do that now. He just mouths everything. Or is this more of and issue of him being brought home at six weeks old?
  13. Thanks Journey for telling it like it is. I've learned a lesson here. I have the documentation from my 72 hour visit but I am not sure its worth the hassle. I would rather get the word out to stay away, far away from this breeder. In the mean time I will get an appointment with the vet and take care of what I have to, and then provide Tucker with the best possible home and life I possibly can.
  14. I take it you were not very impressed at what you saw on that site. I haven't been either. She had at least 8 litters of puppies in a 2 week period. And I really don't like all the colorings of the pups. She been on the number one and two spot of the high breeder list for a few years now. Never again will consider buying a pup there again. She did return my e-mail saying that Tucker had 2 dropped testicles when she had the pup at the vet prior to me buying him. I don't no how you could tell at 5 or 6 weeks old. Well this is her statement When Tucker went to my vet and had his shots, both of his testicles were there. Sometimes with male puppies, they can get sucked back up in the cavity, which is out of my control. It has happened before and then later they come back down. Sometimes they don't. When your vet neuters him, he will be able to find the testicles and take them out, if they haven't dropped back down by then. That will prevent any health issues down the road. The papers were sent in to the ABCA last week (I register the pups after the litter is all sold and in their new homes), His last sibling left a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as I got his new name from his owners, the litter was sent in. So as soon as the ABCA sends the registration papers back to me, I will send them right out. This new secretary is very slow. Sometimes she takes 6-8 weeks to get papers back.
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