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Monty is getting old


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Monty is making his way through his 16th year. Been a while since i posted anything, I recall back in 2002 or 03 I came to this group for advice, we were seriously considering giving up on Monty, he had jumped through a window and simply went notes over normal noises of kids playing with balls and things. He got better, and been with us forever now.

Monty does not see well, we repaired one of his eyes a couple years ago, a lens luxation thing they called it. So he can still see, he enjoys daytime much more than night for obvious reasons. He still walks my 2 acre property by himself. That is my real measure of his happiness, he enjoys those long walks, and smells, his best sense i suspect. He cannot hear much at all.


Anyway, just thought I would post up a photo of Monty to this site. doing our best for him.




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What a handsome dog. Of course, I tend to be partial to split-faced, prick-eared dogs, and the one-blue-eye is a bonus in my book.

My Jester died last summer at fifteen years and some howevermany months; my Kit turned 15 in December. It is so hard to see that intensity and love of life continue unabated but in a body that cannot do what it used to do. I just concentrate on trying to show Kit, as I did with Jes, how much I love her every day. Jes also did not see well at all; could hardly hear anything. But I did not let him go until he could not stand up on his own. Up to that point he still seemed happy to be here.

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