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  1. Thanks all, the crate is working like a champ. No mistakes since that last on Sunday morning. He doesn't seem to mind the door closing on the crate, I get the feeling he may have been crated in his past. There is nothing "routine" in his habits, hoping to build on that. He is outside a lot, both on walks with me, sometimes a leash, some not. He poops off leash most often, I'm okay with that. Preferably not on the neighbors deck....yes he did that, she's okay with it, but asked to not let it happen too often. As I said earlier, I think it's a habit that needs breaking, I think we ar
  2. Okay, so we got the crate. Set it up nice with a mat and blankets, inside and out, to create a nice den. Good news, he likes it. Hangs out in it voluntarily. First night was Saturday night, I walked him around 10:00, and asked him to go in the crate, he did, closed the door, not a peep all night. I had set a 6:00 am alarm, got up, let him out, no problems, but no emergency poops either. He was running hard around 8:00am but still no action. at 9:00am I went out, told my wife to watch him. He pooped in the house while she wasn't looking. It's clear to me that he thinks the house is
  3. Thanks, was hoping to avoid it, but I'm picking up a crate this morning. I will update this at a later date. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I hate coming to the group asking advice on this, but it's not getting any easier. We adopted Kingsley about 5 weeks ago, so yes he could still be adjusting, it's just that I also adopted my last two BCs at 2 yrs old, and did not have this problem. Kingsley goes pee and poop almost every night in the house, probably around 3:00am. We do not have a crate (yet), so after he went in the exact same spot for a few days, we started bringing him into our bedroom for the night. This worked as planned for a good week, as he wouldn't dare do that in my room:) So it was a good 5
  5. Hi, happy update here. We took it slow, couple of weeks of no aggression but we did not allow the dogs freedom until last night. Kingsley has opened up and is having fun, leaning to play like a dog should. Chasing balls and showing confidence. You will see that I still have to keep him tied unless closely supervised, even still, I have lost 5 lbs over the last 4 weeks chasing after him. That's Chester in the photo here, the black tri color. He's the 2 yr old that started the trouble. I'm holding the ball while taking the photo. The two dogs are getting along just fine now, supervised of
  6. Here's a couple of photos of Kingsley sitting by the tree, outside my office window. Funny the way he crosses his arms like that, he seems to do this often.
  7. Okay, thank you D'Elle, for the words of caution. My post was unnecessary, I apologize.
  8. Thanks all, I had Kingsley at the vet this morning, standard checkup following the adoption. All good, I asked the vet about this issue, and suggested the following. Chester the BC/GS also an adopted dog about 3 months ago, has established himself as the top dog around my house. It took no fights to get to that point, but he is Alpha. Enter Kingsley, approx. same age as Chester, a male, and he sees a threat. Time may heal it. I went over and talked to my friend, and see Chester, without either of my dogs. all good, we agreed to take a lot time off to allow Kingsley to get established. C
  9. Thanks, well, Kingsley (my new dog) is well adjusted. He loves other dogs. I've had him to our local dog park twice this week, he socialized with a dozen dogs. It bothersome, that as said, these two dogs could never be friends. The dogs live within 200 feet of each other. I've been scouring the web and I feel that might be correct, the aggressive dog may not be able to get over this. I've seen many dogs fight, they sniff each other out, then go at it, but they get over it. I've had it happen with my own dogs, jealousy over toys, but you can see a potential reason for it. This thing I
  10. Hi, question for the masses, something I've never really seen, bothers me and a good friend. My friend adopted a dog about 3 months ago, 2 yr old male, billed as a Border Collie / German Shepard mix. Looks like a small GS, maybe some BC in the face. He's over my house a couple times a week with his dog, and my Border Collie and him play for hours. Running around the yard, chasing balls, never an argument. My BC is 7 yrs old male. I adopted another BC last weekend. 2 - 3 yr old Male. Very quiet, not an aggressive bone in his body. The first meeting of these dogs was on Monday earlie
  11. Well geez, thanks for your opinion. I've owned 3 other border collies, pretty sure I know how to take care of them. Pretty easy when you have one that you DONT have to restrict, but this dog wants to be outside, and while I'm working with him as much as possible, he prefers to be out and he lies there very comfortably. I could not do that with one of my other border collies, that also ran from any noise. Tied up he would hurt himself. So yes, I'm aware of potential threats. thanks.
  12. Well, Kingsley apparently learned it elsewhere. First time he's in my kitchen he put his paws up on the counter and said hey, what's for dinner? I've seen other breeds do it, but this is my first. Sure, cleaning up completely is best, but I'm not sure how far I have to go yet. Will he pull a bag of oranges off? looking around my counter and island right now, there are a bunch of things, not food related. He pulled a spatula down a couple days ago, and was licking it. Just want him to learn some common sense and be a dog. Kingsley is doing well, eating well (his food) now. He enjoys being
  13. Thanks all, certainly no rush here, just the excitement of getting him led me to do research and get back to posting. I've been posting on this board since around 2000, when I got my first BC. My other BC (Kane) seen in the photo below was a 3 yr old rescue, and yea I know, all BCs are different, he had no adjustment period, but then again, he was not thrown in a shelter and spend a miserable 3 weeks wondering what happened. Kane was given to me by his owner, one house to the other, but he adjusted very quickly. So, yes I have lots of patience. Went and bought some good treats today that K
  14. Hi, just adopted Kingsley, red & white BC, they think he's 3 to 4 yrs old, I'm leaning towards 2 to 3, just seems young. He is my 4th BC, currently have one more red and white, (they look like twins). I guess maybe I've been lucky, where the last 3 were perfect off leash dogs. 2 of the previous 3 were adopted also. One thing I've noticed, Kingsley is the 2nd BC I've had that wants nothing to do with toys. In a way this is good, but when it comes to holding a dog's attention, nothing like a ball or frisbee to do that. I've only had Kingsley for 2 days now, coming back to the BC Boards
  15. Monty is making his way through his 16th year. Been a while since i posted anything, I recall back in 2002 or 03 I came to this group for advice, we were seriously considering giving up on Monty, he had jumped through a window and simply went notes over normal noises of kids playing with balls and things. He got better, and been with us forever now. Monty does not see well, we repaired one of his eyes a couple years ago, a lens luxation thing they called it. So he can still see, he enjoys daytime much more than night for obvious reasons. He still walks my 2 acre property by himself. That is m
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