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Gibbs shows his 3rd super power!

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Taking a walk mid day with the Gibbster around the middle of the mobile home park. See a guy, then hear him whistling and calling for Augie. Augie is well known for his escape abilities.


I tell the guy I'll keep an eye out, get his address, he's admiring Gibbs. Guess who shows up?


Augie and Gibbs had a friendly little meet and greet. The guy said, I'm really glad I ran into you!


ps - some of you may not have been on the Boards when Gibbs showed his first 2 super powers. The first one was when he jumped from a sitting position onto a counter that is about 40 in. high. This was in my favorite local feed store. The counter happened to be a swarm of activity right about then, and I think Gibbs just wanted out of the crush. Big crowd pleaser.


The 2nd time was about 2 years ago, I went to do a workout with a trainer, another lady was there with her dog. When I got Gibbs out of the car for a potty break, the other dog came over and the two of them did a nice little meet and greet as well. Other dog wagged her tail, did a little play bow - cute as heck. The dog's human had tears in her eyes. She told me her son had left for college 2 weeks previously, and her dog had stopped eating. It was the first time she had wagged her tail since the son left.


Proud of my boy.


Ruth and Gibbs

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