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Gibbs has been helping me at work

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I've got a client who has kept me busy with prepping a large-ish house to go on the market. My client lost their dog in January to a swift form of cancer, and doesn't wish to get another dog until after the move. So, we're talking dogs one day at lunch, and I ask if I can bring Gibbs a time or two. Client gets this really pleased look on his face and says, "Any time!"


So Gibbs went a time or two, and did well. Client was a little hurt that Gibbs didn't immediately love him. I told him the 'secret', (which is taking him for an on leash walk, no matter how brief) Client did that last week and Gibbs became a friend. Client is tickled pink.


We had a couple very long days last week, and very intense, so I left Gibbs at home. I took him with me today, and yesterday when I left, I confirmed with Client that I'd be arriving at around 9:30. Client said, "Are you bring Gibbs tomorrow?" I replied "yes" and his face lit up.


It's a good life.


Ruth and Gibbs

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I used to take Jes with me to work at a couple of different places that I worked. coworkers and customers alike would always ask where he was if I did not bring him.

I think a well behaved friendly dog is good for everyone in most work places.

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I agree, D'Elle. I love seeing dogs in a work-place, if the dog is enjoying it. I take Gibbs with me to one other client when it's feasible. Another situation where Client loves dogs and isn't at a point where she can get another one.


He starts to whine in excitement when I turn onto the main road in her area - this turn is a good mile from her home. Then he starts yodeling as soon as I let him out of the car. When she opens the door to her home, he heads straight for the cookie drawer in the kitchen. It's like going to grandma's house.


It's lovely for all concerned.


Ruth and Gibbs

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