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EARS!!! I love Border Collie Ears!!


Bandit's did everything!! Up, down, one up, one down, the other one up, the other one down, wonky airplanes, flat airplanes, both up, both down, flopped forward. And just when I thought he had settled on the flat airplanes, they both went up straight!! And then when I thought both had settled on that, one went down, and the other stayed up. He fluctuated between that and both up for a while. Now he seems to have both up, but that one does flop down from time to time.


Enjoy the ride! It's fun to watch them change and change and then change again. You will love whatever they settle on in the end. :)

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Maybe, maybe not!


LOL That's exactly what I was going to write.


I had one pup whose ears starting standing up when she was 7 weeks old and they went fully erect within a couple weeks and never wavered. But that's definitely the exception to the rule.


Just enjoy their antics while she's deciding how to wear them. It'll be over before you know it and you'll miss the daily (hourly?) guessing game.


Cute pup.

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