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  1. How did you guys get your dogs into agility?? Just with a leash and lead them around? And when you say agility I'm assuming you mean the obstacle courses at some dog parks? Also, what kind of conditioning exercises are good to start out with?
  2. I guess I should clarify too, we don't just throw it over and over for her. The dog trainer we go to opened out eyes to the fact that we can get her to learn anything very quickly by throwing the ball and making her wait and do a trick. We have taught her everything (roll over, being shot, shaking with one paw and then the other, running out half way then laying down) by playing fetch. So we definitely keep it interesting in that aspect of it and switch up the commands each time the ball is thrown
  3. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I really appreciate it. I don't think it's mindless at all, I've had dog trainers and sheephearders tell me that it's their instinct to go and retrieve things (sheep, balls, frisbees) and this is the first basic steps to herding. Who knows though. I don't let her have any balls or anything she likes to play fetch with in plain site. We always do it outside and then ill bring the toy in a put it somewhere she can't see it. I tried a little of all your advice at the park tonight and she was already picking up on when I said we were done! Amazing how quick they catch on huh? I'm going to take her to some more dog training classes, we've done one obedience class when she was a puppy so I'm thinking this will help her not get bored
  4. So my border collie came from two working parents, she is OBSESSED with fetch. And I don't mind playing with her everyday to help her get out her working dog instict but she will never stop once I get a ball out. It almost seems unhealthy. Do you guys have any tips?? I want to keep her mind working but she needs to know when to be done.
  5. Update: Roxie's ears have now decided to both stand up!
  6. Lol thank you! She's the sweetest. Here a pic of her a week ago with both ears tipped.
  7. Here is the latest picture of her!
  8. Hey friends! I just have a question about my 14 week old red BC. One of her ears has started to stand completely erect and the other is still slightly floppy. Will they even out? Thanks!
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