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Introducting Sutter!

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Hello everyone! I am new here, but have been browsing for a week or so after googling and finding this forum! I am glad to have found such a great forum for BC's with tons of information!

I just got a puppy a couple weeks back. He'll be 3 months old on the 25th of this month. He's my first puppy and first BC at that, so it's been interesting so far! I feel like no matter how much I read or do, I might not raise him right! :P So I'm sure I'll have loads of questions!


Anyway, on to pictures. We live on about 5 acres so he's got plenty of room to roam (supervised, as it's only fenced about 95% of the way around with either barb wire, NZ style fencing, or chain link) and we have tons of dog-friendly parks within a short drive! My sister and I took him on his first hike this past weekend and he loved it! Wanted to say hi to everyone who passed us, was well behaved, and kindly greeted other dogs when OK. He loves swimming which I'm quite excited about, because none of my past dogs were fans of the water!



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Thank you everyone!!

He's definitely a little fluffy guy! I can't wait to see how he'll look when he's older. I'm maybe just a little over the puppy stage already! lol.


It's definitely nice having so much land to be on! We have room for sheep or goats if we decide to get them in the future, which would be nice to practice herding at home; or to set up an agility course, which seems a lot easier to manage.

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B Point - I don't think there will be another puppy for some time! :P
I came home from work this evening to discover the bathroom door hadn't been shut properly and Sutter had discovered the joys of toilet paper! He also has a fascination with the toilet brushes. Apparently his own toys aren't good enough.

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Welcome! Such a cutie.


As I am sure you have already noticed, everyone on here is awesome about helping with questions and insecurities if we are doing the right thing. I feel extremely blessed to have found this forum as well. Toilet paper and mommy's toys are so much better.



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