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  1. How insenstive RemsMom. Don't you think I would rather be able to confront someone in a manner that DOESN'T involve crying? I cannot help my emotions in confrontational situations. Everyone handles them differently, and I am envious of those who can hold their composure and come out on the strong side of a conversation when necessary.
  2. Thank you for the informative post, Hooper. The puppy classes start on the 17th of this month - they're mostly classes for teaching obedience, handling puppy biting, and then STAR puppy certification at the end. I don't think any of it will be too really behaviour based. The instructor offers in home private lessons, but until I'm working again, those will have to wait as 2 lessons is the same price as 6 weeks of puppy classes, so it'll get spendy fast. I just wanted to update on what I just had happen. I was outside with Sutter and he was near his food bowl. I put my hand in it as he's
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will look up the "Look At Me" right away and start working on it! I take my dog with me because lately it's been really hot out and it's much cooler at my mom's. He loves going there and loves seeing my mom and he has fun. I hate the idea of leaving him at home in his kennel (outside) and he's never been fully locked up in his crate in the house. I do plan to work on that, so we could leave him in the crate while we're gone and he'll be in the AC. I would just much rather he be involved in outings, as that was a main reason for getting a dog, so he could tag
  4. Thanks GentleLake. Aside from the resource guarding, what specifically do you suggest I work with him on kid-wise? He was fine with her last night after we got home. She came over to my house and Sutter was laying down and my niece was on the other side of me. He wasn't paying her any attention and she was standing there asking me repeatedly to pick her up and put her on the other side of the fence separating our living room. I was trying to explain to her that he was being calm, and he wasn't doing anything, and to just calm down. She just kept freaking out so I put her on the other side
  5. I'm starting to think that my pup's issues aren't entirely food related. He has had a few instances where he will bark/growl at my niece (she is always a safe distance away and he is controlled) and food is not involved. Could he be jealous of her in general (getting more attention than him, etc.) She doesn't want to help us anymore with giving him treats. She's thrown his toys for him a few times, but for the most part all she does is scream bloody murder at the sight of him. We keep telling her screaming/running is not helping, but she's 3yo. She doesn't understand fully, and I get that
  6. Gentle Lake - no reason to be rude. I DID understand what you said about no little kids. Unfortunately I don't have any older kids in my family that live close by, and don't want random kids in public approaching him. I didn't say I was *done* repeating myself, only that I keep repeating myself.
  7. Thank you for the information Gloria. We decided not to go with an in-ground fence, and instead do actual fencing. Starting to prepare tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that! This evening we had my niece throwing treats to Sutter from a safe distance. He couldn't get to her. He was barking/crying when she first came over (we had a fire going making s'mores) and there was no food involved. I think maybe he's just associated the one instance of her coming up on him while eating, and now when he sees her, he barks, etc. We aren't going to push either of them, and just take our time with
  8. Well, I don't have to explain about my brother's experience with dogs. He is not throwing ALL food waste outside. And I'm sure he does realize throwing anything out can attract other animals. Again, not my problem. Re: kids feeding him treats, see post #4. I keep repeating myself here, so I'll let the thread die now, and work on the issue with the advice given. Thanks!
  9. I don't know why my brother dumps food waste outside instead of disposing of it properly. I wish he wouldn't do it, but he makes his own choices. Can't help anything there, except from keeping my dog away from it. I've grown up with dogs allowed to roam our property freely, dogs who respected their boundaries and never roamed, and were never put in dangerous situations. I wanted to instill that in our pup, and he's been great about it. I knew that as soon as he started to reach sexual maturity, he'd have to be limited as I wouldn't want his nose getting the better of him and wandering too fa
  10. The food guarding advice I've gotten here is not going to help the issue, I don't believe. He is perfectly fine with being approached while eating out of his dish, with food being dropped into it, with trading up, etc. I WILL continue to work on these things, of course, but I don't believe it is going to help the bigger issue. :/ The only times he guards anything with me or my sister is when he has his Kong toy, or usually something he shouldn't have and we're trying to get it away. In these instances we use the trading up method and he always relinquishes what he has for the better item (an
  11. Yes, I realized after I scolded him that I probably shouldn't have done it the way I did, but I had parents watching me, and we all know how they can be if something attempts to harm their children. My worry was that if I didn't scold him, someone else would try too, and much worse. :/ If it happens again (and hopefully not, because I am doing my BEST to not put him in a situation where he feels like he needs to get aggressive) I will just remove him from the scene and go elsewhere. I know it's not worth any energy placing blame on the other dog, but I had to make it clear he didn't do
  12. He is perfectly fine with us messing with his food bowl, putting stuff in it, and does great with trading up. This particular issue seems to be stemming from food + puppy + little kids. Perhaps it's the little kids that are the bad part of the equation? He was fine with my niece before the new dog, though. So I don't know what's gotten into him. I took him over on harness/leash last night to have my niece and her cousin (same age) give him treats and he was perfectly fine up until he was laying down on the ground with them hovering over him petting him, and I gave him a treat for being so go
  13. I brought a new dog into my home last week who ended up not working out for various reasons. She was very food aggressive toward my puppy and I believe he picked it up from her, as he is now doing the same thing. He's been defensive of his food in his outdoor kennel, but not in the house. I live next door to my brother, and Sutter wanders our property as it's just one chunk of land w/ multiple houses on it. Last night he was over eating some grease or something my brother had tossed out onto the ground, and my 3yo niece approached and Sutter immediately got defensive. I didn't see the in
  14. I will definitely have to keep that in my back pocket. He came in from playing outside for a few hours and was being super mouthy, grabbing my sweatshirt and pants so I plopped him in his crate for about a minute, then let him out once he was calm and quiet. He's now down the hall getting ready to nap, so it seemed to have reinforced that the naughty behaviour isn't OK! We shall keep it up, along with simultaneously still making his crate a positive place, even if he does have to use it for time outs.
  15. Gloria - I definitely agree. I don't think (some) dogs will be any worse for wear with a firm "NO!". I did spank his butt (lightly) this morning when he reached for his puppy pad (which is in a puppy pad holder to deter that! Lol.) My tapping his nose/spanking his butt with a "No!" is certainly not painful, especially when compared to the rough housing he does with my brother's big Lab. Blackeyesue - By body block do you mean a bit of rough shove?
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