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It took us a year and some to get over losing Mags. Here's the note I left on another list at the time (We have Kuvasz also):


The Border Kuvasz


She raised all of our boys from 8 week puppies on, and ruled them with an iron paw. She even marked and scratched when they were around. And she took exactly zero s--t off Big White Dogs. They toed the mark or she was in their face until they did.

We took her as a puppy to the National Open Stockdog Trials and though she’d never seen a sheep before she froze and clapped when she saw the first run come by. We had to drag her away several hours later. “THAT’S what I want!”


She passed her CGC easily, and the curtain came down. From that day on, strange dogs were not tolerated. She learned the Agility obstacles beautifully but never competed because she would try first to chase all the other dogs away from the venue. She never warmed to strange dogs. Strange people were fine though, there was a chance at a treat from them so she liked them all.


I was stewarding (and sneering) at a Regional Specialty of Border Collies when Mr. Hartinger was the Judge. A ring full of vapid little “cookie cutter” black and white creatures without Eye or intensity. After he made his placements, he asked what I thought of the exhibits. I told him “My girl would have them in the corner of the ring in about 30 seconds, and dare any of them to move.” She would have, too. Border Collies are defined by their function, not by their looks. In fact, the ABCA and most working registries may via their directors or other designees observe a dog working stock and if they deem the dog of merit may decree it a Border Collie and register it.


Several years ago, her checkup showed a high titer and an enlarged liver. The vet school at the U of Georgia worked her up with biopsies and pokes and prods. They demonstrated an infection which was cured, and an aberrant lobe of her liver which while it wasn’t cancerous, was slowly growing. They didn’t feel surgery was a reasonable option. ˜As long as she’s comfortable and happy, no need to change.”


A checkup and Xray the other day because she was uncomfortable showed pressure on her internal organs causing digestive upset, and, eventually, pain and discomfort. It did not improve with treatment. We Sent her on her way.


Rodger’s Miss Billie Mags, CGC

American Border Collie Association

13APR1998 - 12MAR2013


That’ll do, Girl

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So sorry. The tragedy of pets is that we mostly outlive them. But they give us so much in their short lives that we cannot help ourselves from loving them.

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