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  1. Of our three the first came from Ms Rodgers on Lookout Mountain from her Tara, Rodgers' Miss Billie Mags. She raised our Kuvasz puppies for 14 years. The next and the current both came from Phoenix Rising rescue. Bess lasted 12 years, Bonnie is with us, we believe about 7 or so. Since she went to her first home as a street dog, true age isn't know. For Bess and Bonnie, we asked PRBCR to keep a lookout for a low pressure girl. Bess was a failed herder who worked out quite well. Bonnie shows street smarts, and excitement when it'[s indicated, the rest of the time she's the close dog. Doesn't want in your lap, just close. Sleeps by the bed, not on it uless invited and even then leavs before she goes to sleep. We've had excellent luck with rescues. We visited the fosters and met both dogs, and introduced our current Kuvasz each time. The girs assimilated without problems. In the current case, Bonnie's fosters spent the afternoon with us and the dogs. The rescue sent a home inspector when we got Bess, since we knew the previous owner well. With that process, I recommend rescues. Breed rescues will know more about the dog,but shelters are also a good place to look. While I'm not opposed to going and getting a puppy, I wouldn't have one shipped, nor when I was breeding (co breeder) we wouldn't ship puppies. You didn't get one of our puppies without visiting and letting the dogs vet you. My co-breeder said a couple of times, people visited and after a bit of visit, their deposit was returned because they just weren't suitable or in a suitable situation. Short answer- go for the rescue.
  2. consider the basis of the problem of the 'substandard breeder'. It stems from the fact there is more demand for Border Collies than there are dogs being produced by reasonable breeders. The gaps is filled by volume breeders who may or may not use good breeding practices. Hollywood probably is as guilty as anything... ask the Dalmatio people - who would happily march on Disney and burn the place down. My other breed is Kuvaszok, we were just all happy nobody went to see the second "Homeward Bound"picture which had one in it. I Steward dog shows and I see two breeds called Border Collies deoending if I'm working a Conformation ring or a Performance ring. Frankly, the Conformation lines make way better pets in my opinion.
  3. As to regrets, two: First, the gurus like Mr McCaig are aging out. As George Jones sang, "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" The second is no one thought to trademark the name. Both of which are purely regrets because neither can be changed at this point. The bright spot - what the general public considers a 'Border Collie' is what's being shown in Conformation. After something over ten years of breeding to a 'standard' what's seen in show rings bears little resemblance to what's seen at trials, and none of the attributes valued for moving stock about. It should be noted, the show folks are a hell of a lot better prepared to oppose the AR people, and are doing so actively. They may well save the breed while the working people have in many instances their head in the sand. No offense intended.
  4. According to an article locally, the CDC estimates somewhere between a quarter million and a million 'rescue' dogs are imported into the IS per year. This because there simply aren't as many dogs as there are people who want them. 'Overpopulation' has loong since been overcome. Now, someone is going to fulfill this desire - which is estimated at 8 million dogs per year. Rescues and shel;ters buy the imports and resell them. We now have canine rabies strain - which had been eradictaed in the US back again. Along with some zoonotic diseases we're getting new strains of virtually every dog disease among these imports. There seems to be a rising demand for Border Collies as pets, leading to anything black and white and around 35 pounds being listed a 'Border Collie'. NAIA is in the forefront of research into this situation.
  5. After a career spent largely in Country radio, you bring to mind a George Jones song, "Who's gonna fill their shoes". You leave a very large pair.
  6. NAIA did a study a couple of year ago. Using the shelters' criteria for breed, something like 10 percent of inhabitants were 'purebred'. Our Kuvasz boy is normally accused of being a 'labradoodle' even more than a Great Pyrenees, times have changed. Poodle (!) and "White Golden Retriever" also appear. Don't even ASK about the two Border girls - one ABC and one From A Good Neighborhood, both from Phoenix Rising Rescue. Instead of bashing registries, why not put the same effort into making your County Commissioner aware of the pitfalls of restrictive laws? --johnny
  7. Unite in sharing information about the common enemy. Poor choice of words on my part, 'share information' would be better. --johnny
  8. They're two fairly distinct sets of dogs. What you see at conformation shows have no intensity or Eye. What you see at Trials bears little resemblance to the conformation dogs. Both types' fanciers need however to face the common enemy. If we do not unite against the animal rights movement we will fall, separately or together.
  9. Someone will have to ask for it to be added. My initial concern wasn't 'who do and who don't' as far as registries go. It was to inform people about the rather draconian laws that get passed, sometimes with the best of intentions.
  10. Call it as you will, 'disagreement' is fine. Again the point is, co-operation against laws being pushed by AR activists will work better than hand - wringing while all the dogs lose.
  11. Worse than sad and ironic - believe that the AR folks are in there pitching "The ABCA supports CRUELTY TO ANIMALS> THEY SIC THEIR DOGS ON DEFENSELESS SHEEP!!!" County commissioners, with very few exceptions, will grease the squeakiest wheel, they have no personal interest in most issues. The ABCA needs to be on these folks (the Commissioners) like white on rice to put it politely. Or otherwise, they won't be recognized and your options will be breed AKC or be illegal, as far as Borders in Chatham County are concerned. And realize, this will be the model for every county in turn if it isn't squelched. Put the feud aside and fight the common enemy. --johnny
  12. Realize, the AKC had nothing to do with their selection - it's the only Registry they'd heard of. Legislative Liasons wasn't aware of this until after it had passed - the would have helped fight it had they known. The basic point being, lousy legislation is now usually coming at the County level. Sticking our collective heads in the sand because we don't like this or that group helps no one. The NAIA and AKC are currently the people most versed and best able to help fight this sort of foolishness. You need to join them in the fight, not nedessarily in the peace.
  13. Shared with permission. Only Chatham county, but County Commissions see this as a means to money, and don't much care about the cnsequences of bad legislation. Currently, if you breed a Border Collie in Chatham County, GA, you must pay $250 the first time and $1000 the second. And you must spay or neuter the litter when appropriate and the parents immediately. Fairly long read, but essential: CHATHAM COUNTY GA Breeders PLEASE read. Other breeders need to read also!!!! Follow up on Chatham County GA Animal Services new ordinances as I have understood them today. Sorry it is long but needs to be read. I will update as I get further information. On May 12, 2017, there was an amended ordinance passed that states the following (ordinance 22-202 (you will find it at the very bottom)). Goes into effect JULY 1, 2017. "Breeders of AKC, or similar registries as listed on the official website of Animal Services, registered animals must possess a business permit and comply with all state regulations. Any dog born that is not registered must be spayed or neutered as soon as medically possible as well as both parents, if possible. Any breeder of such animal who does not have AKC registration but has intentionally bred will pay a super breeder fee of $250.00 for failure to comply. Upon second conviction, the super breeder fee shall be $1000.00." When I spoke to Animal Services this morning I was told that if the dog was not AKC registered that they would fall under this ordinance. NO OTHER REGISTRIES, at this time, are recognized. Also, that they might possibly in the future, allow further registries like the Border Collie registry to be allowed. I was told that no mixes would be allowed to be bred. I have also obtained a copy of one letter that was sent out by Animal Services and given to several breeders over the weekend that states no puppies can be sold after July 1st of 2017 that are not AKC registered. If you sell a puppy or dog that is not AKC registered you will become a SUPER BREEDER and fined accordingly. This may only be affecting Chatham County, at this time, but where will be next? It could possibly be used as a model for other counties. I myself do not see how this can be legal to start with but also find it very discriminating to all other registries and for sure some breeds that are not AKC registered. What other species could this lead to in the future. Please send me a PM if you are interested in fighting this. I do know of one registry that has already been contacted about the ordinance change and waiting to hear what their plans on how to fight this. We need numbers to make ourselves heard and hopeful have this overturned quickly.
  14. Please read and reread the advice above. Then come to terms with the following, given my before I co-bred my boys (Of my other breed) - ' These are my puppies. They did not ask to come to this world, I brought them here. Consequently, I am responsible for them for life, and I will meet that responsibility. If they cannot stay where I have placed them for any reason, I will require that they be returned to me, and I will refund the purchase price. I will rehome them or they will live out their lives with me underfoot. And when through age or infirmity their quality of life is gone beyond recovering I will hold them in my lap while my vet Sends them on their way.' If you can not or will not live up to this responsibility, you should net breed any dogs.
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