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What do you bring with you when you attend agility trials?

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Crate; source of shade and rain protection; water; food for dog and me; toys; a slip lead; spare collar; poop bags; extra shoes and socks; rain coat; clothing for layering; a writing utensil; chair (I have 2, one for near the crating area and one for near ring, where I place treats for after the run); small plastic container for after run food treats. Most of this stuff lives in my car, so I really only need to pack food, water, and layering clothing before I hit the road

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Depends whether we're camping or not.




Running orders and ring plan


Collar without tags to run in





Poo bags

Sheets to shade the car

Sometimes lunch


If it's likely to be wet and outdoors

Dog towels

Running shoes


Change of socks


If it's going to be sunny and outdoors

Sun cream

Lip balm

Running shoes





If camping


Caravan with everything that goes with it

Porch awning

Windbreaks to make a garden

Couple of dog crates

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Lots and lots of treats. And toys. An extra crate, unless I am working out of my car. [For me, with two dogs which I transport in crates in the car, I will bring an extra crate or two to set up closer to the ring(s). If I am feeling really energetic that day or if the ring is somewhat close to the car, I may take the crate(s) out of the car to set up ringside - but then you have to put the crate back in the car to transport the dog(s).] Water, leashes, poop bags, and extra pair of shoes. Depending on the weather, extra socks, outer wear appropriate for the weather (even you are at inside rings, you will probably want to walk your dog around outside to stretch the legs). Hot weather - shade cloth and my portable power pack with fan(s). Chair, cell phone, reading material (I get bored easily). ---- and yes, I volunteer at the rings, but we have good people here who often have most of the spots filled so sometimes there is nothing left.


Bring the dog :) and the paperwork (entry form you filled out and any confirmation emails received).


Good Luck.

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Depending on where you are....water for you and the dog (I always prefer to bring water from home....less disruption to the dogs' internal systems!).


And depending on what organization you are participating in - you may need your height card. If you haven't been measured as your venue requires, bring the card/paper for the measuring judge to sign.


Dog beds or blankets.

I also like to have a sheet (if it's hot) or blanket (if it's cold) with which to cover their crates.

They rest better between runs if they're not constantly watching/aroused, also keeps sun off as needed.


Some people like to have a small cooler (ice chest) for their food and/or treats for the dogs. Don't use a "new" treat - their tummies may not appreciate it!


And most of all: bring a GREAT attitude. Remember, it's not about the Q. It's all about having fun with your dog!



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Great advice so far. The only thing I didn't see mentioned that I like to bring is a video taping device such as an iPad or video camera. I like to be able to look back and see what I actually did during a run vs what I planned or think I did. Can be very revealing ;-)

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Portable Crate

Water and water bowl


Martingale collar

Something that I like to drink

Poop bags



If weather/situation necessitates or makes appropriate:



Sun screen/bug spray

A way to keep the dog cool



Grading (bleh!)

Something to read or do while waiting

Water toys

Extra dog

Iced tea and tea cups

Lap top



I think that's it . . . .

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I have only been to three trials and my daughter is running a dog owned by a friend so I am taking notes. :)


I love having a soft crate. It is so light and easy to drag from the car to where we are "camped" for the day. I always pack an ice chest with all the food and drinks we will need for the day just in case there is nothing available. I bring cash with me so I don't have to worry about using the card or writing a check. I also bring a beach towel or two. I love beach towels because they can be used to cover a crate or can be put in a crate as a blanket and they will clean up a mess if needed. A couple of kitchen garbage sacks are always helpful. Sometimes the garbage can is far away.


One thing I am planning to purchase is one of those foldable wagons. I see so many people with them at the trials and it makes getting all your stuff from the car to where you are camped so much easier.


Oh, and I always bring food for my dog. Some trials start too early and my drive is too long to feed before we leave and sometimes the trial runs late into the evening and I don't want my dog to miss dinner.

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Like Blackdawgs, most of the stuff I take stays in the car so for a one day show "packing" can be little more than checking that the water bottles are full.


If we had to take crates as well I wouldn't have room for the dogs but we don't have crating areas here. It's hard enough to find facilities that will fit the number of rings we need and many people run multiple dogs.


We can do a lot of walking back and forth to the car but we have flexibility in that we don't have to stick exactly to running orders so we don't risk missing runs unless we are really inattentive to what is going on. Fortunately we rarely get extremes of temperature that mean that dogs might suffer if left in the car or van. They are fine with a bit of sensible precaution.


There's always food available and the typical day would mean arriving by 8am to walk courses and leaving by 6pm at the latest so it isn't usually necessary to think about feeding the dogs. They sleep on the way home anyway. My longest journey to a one day show would be about 2.5 hours each way, but usually it is less.


I don't take anything to do as there is little time to fill between talking to the people I need to see, runs, making sure that the dogs get enough out of car time, chatting to friends, watching runs, eating etc. And that's if I'm not helping. It wasn't that way when I started out though.


I'll come clean and admit that I am not currently running a dog but my daughter does. I don't know how I am going to find the time.would in

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Re: soft crates. I would love to use a soft crate, but I don't trust my dog in a soft crate in such an environment. I know he wouldn't eat it, and he is very good (quiet, calm) in a crate, but.... there have been a couple of times when, for whatever reason, a dog walked by (too close?, sniffing at the crate? IDK) when I heard a horrible ruckus (barking, crate bouncing around from Torque jumping around inside) from his crate. I was standing 20-30 feet away, either talking to someone or watching the ring, and by the time I turned around to see what was going on, all I saw was a dog and handler walking away. I do not know what precipitated his reaction.


So I use a suitcase metal crate at trials so I don't have to worry about my dog. And I do cover it with a fabric remnant I bought at Goodwill so Torque can stay calmer. (Ugly fabric, but only $2 at Goodwill for a 54" X 6' piece of upholstery fabric.)

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I trial with a great group of ladies. So if one of us does forget something, someone generally has an extra. They usually do the 3 day trials an I only do 2 of those days so they have the crate mats and easy up ( when outside ) already in place. Most of our trials are indoors.

I have my chair, soft crate, video camera ( charger) water, blanket, cell phone and money. Food and cloths are left in motel. I have a carry on bag that I keep in my car that has toys, treats, poo bags, extra leashes, collars, nail clippers, brush and comb, scissors, ink pen and small bowls. There may be some gauze pads and an ace bandage in there also. I will also fix a cooler with drinks ( for me ) and cheese and water ( for Ki ). Also a snack bag for us adults.

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