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  1. Sue, I found some roll-on for horses and dogs. Will give it a try and see how it works. Thanks
  2. So far they haven't really bothered him yet this year. But they have in the past an know they will get worse as summer goes along. He can stay in the house but he prefers to be out as he goes up to my parents ( who live right behind me) to visit and play with his mom. At night he is in the house.
  3. I have a GSD that is out all day while I'm at work. I have a problem with flies eating the tips of his ears. I've used Vaseline, skin so soft, have even sprayed them with horse fly spray. He then goes out and rolls and rubs his head to get it off. This is not a problem with my Border Collie as she goes to work with me. But they don't seem to bother her even on the weekends, Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try? Thanks
  4. I also wonder where all the colors and patterns came from? I have been able to come up with 32 so far. Ddin't realize there were so many.
  5. I use out for go away from me, around or round for the backside. We are not to the level yet of using backside in competition. A friend of mine used Lalalalala as her cue for backside. We always video each other so we can go back and see what we did right or wrong. It has really helped. CptJack I'm with you on I know what I want to do but that's not always what happens.
  6. Thanks Maxi, and yes I realize the first statement is wrong. I was including tri in my thinking but didn't say that. Would really be interested in hearing more of the old thoughts on why some colors seemed to be better working dogs than others and any other old myths and possible reasoning behind them.
  7. Liz had stated that Winston Cap carried red and Wisp carried dilute. Does anyone know of the foundation bloodline where the other colors came from or who had the greatest impact of the other colors? What are some of the other myths that the shepherds had?
  8. The old pictures I have seen were what looked like B/W Border Collies. Yes I know they are bred for work that's not the issue. If the original Sheppard's preferred the B/W and didn't feel the other colors were good at working sheep ( that's just what I have been told) then where did these colors come from.? I've also been told that there are a few reds and merles that do trial in the upper levels but not very many.
  9. The original Border Collies were black and white. Where did the other colors come from originally? How were they introduced into the Border Collie Lines? Jan
  10. This video is so awesome. Wonder how many hours she had in the training of this. I can't seem to get the video to load. If you want to watch and have FB you can go under Laura Campbell. I had only seen the one but as Sekah mentioned there are 2.
  11. Not sure if this should be here or in General. I have a female that is 3 yrs old a friend has a male that is 6 months. Both have prick ears. Hers are set farther apart on her head than his is. Will his get wider as he matures? Are the ear sets genetic? Didn't notice before but I have him while they are on vacation and when I took a picture of them together you really notice the difference. Thanks Jan
  12. I did tons of recalls as a pup even before she started Agility. This got her to were she would stay while I walked away from her an stayed until I called her to me. I would vary the time of when I turned to face her and called. I also did not stand still. I would move around, clap my hands, jumping jacks, whistle or say words whatever until I used her break If she did break I would just pup her back in place an tell her stay and try again. With Her I can have any distance lead out I want. I do have to watch where I place her as if too far back she will knock bar, if she gets too much speed before that first jump. I have seen plenty of dogs at a trial that will creep forward.
  13. When I did the cockers the new owner still picked out the name. All I had done was fill out the breeder portion ( Sire, Dam,color, date of birth ) that stuff. But they got the papers so much sooner not waiting. Was just wondering why you have to wait so long. With having to wait on papers if you wanted to do any DNA testing you have to have a registration number so that would put that off.
  14. When I got my girl, I had to wait until all the litter was sold and then the breeder sent in the papers. Which by that time I had, had her for over a month or two. A friend is going thru the same thing now. She has had her pup since late Oct and still doesn't have them. This seems to be standard procedure with Border Collies. Can anyone tell me why that is? When I raised AKC Cockers many many moons ago, I registered the litter with sex and color within a few weeks of birth. Then when I sold a pup I already had the papers and just gave them to the new owner. My part was already filled out. They didn't have to wait.
  15. Praise and treats both work for mine. So I give HIGH praise and off and on with the treat. That way she doesn't expect a treat every time she comes back. As a lot of the time I don't have any with me. I also teach leave it. If she doesn't listen then I may walk to her give her a verbal correction or touch her say leave it again, when I have her attention then praise. If she stops part way back you may squat down and call again, clap you hands, smooch to her make coming back to you the greatest thing. Then treat/praise like all get out. Or turn an walk away. If she comes running after you I would tell her good girl but you didn't come the first time so no treat, no petting.Doesn't take them long to figure it out, or at least it didn't mine. I have a tendency to explain things to mine. Like that was a good try but not good enough so if you do it the first time next time you get your reward.
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