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  1. Hello! I'd love it if anyone could give me a list of the things you like to bring with you for your dog when you go to agility trials. Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone! That makes a lot of sense. I think for her it may have to do with what Liz P was saying since she does compete in AKC agility. Although it could be resisting the kennel club mentality as Shetlander was saying. Either way, it's nice to know longer names aren't taboo! Maybe I'll get creative one day...
  3. Hello! I'm new here and thought who better to ask than the working Border Collie people themselves! So here goes. Why do Border Collie people seem to stay away from the quirky or elaborate (for lack of better words) registered names? (So for example a dog with the call name "Type" would be "Blah Blah's Typing On The Computer" instead of just "Type" or "Blah Blah's Type".) I remember when I registered my puppy with NADAC for agility, I asked my trainer (who's had working Border Collies forever) what I should name him as a full name and she said, "Oh don't do the stupid naming thing, just register him under his name." So is there a reason for this? Is it just personal preference? Are Border Collies with longer registered names viewed disdainfully by people with working Border Collies? Also, while I know this thread is very anti AKC, what do you think about registering for agility? I always competed through NADAC, but found out about the PAL registration which would allow me to compete in AKC events even though his parents weren't registered. Has anyone else done this? Is this a good idea?
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