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The kindness of not-strangers

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Since my husband left me in July, one of my major concerns has been my here-and-there long work days. I'm self-employed and I can't afford to turn down work, but I don't like leaving Gibbs for more than 7 hrs. I know most dogs do fine, but he's had to get used to a single human home. If I have a few long days in a row he gets pretty antsy.


And there is sometimes a commute of 45 minutes or more each way.


So now two of my semi-regular clients, (one lives a half hour away, one 45 minutes, if traffic is okay) have both said for me to bring Gibbs! We're trying out the closer one tomorrow. This lady is a dog lover, and doesn't currently have one, so she's pretty excited to have Gibbs 'help' us.


I'm very touched that these folks are making my life and Gibbs' life a bit easier, just because they can. Life is pretty darn good.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs


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That is great! It is a kindness to you but I bet Gibbs will be a welcome guest and it will be a win-win situation for all involved. I get to my dog friendly office about once a week and each dog has his fans (coworkers and customers) who seem to take great pleasure visiting with them. Quinn even has a command, "Go say hi" that means quit lounging on the love seat and go schmooze at the front desk. :D

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