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Think he's a border collie?

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I'm hoping for your expert opinions on whether our sweet Charlie is part Border Collie.


Charlie was a rescue puppy (his litter mates were mostly black, he had the most white of any of them). We're still not entirely sure what Charlie is, but most people that meet him think he's part Border Collie. He did nip a lot in his first few months, but he grew out of that pretty quickly. As far as his energy level goes, he's calmed down a lot over the last few months as well. He still gets hyper when meeting new people (crying and jumping and begging for attention), but he's fairly calm and sleepy when he's home with us. He recently began to bark and growl if he hears someone at the door (which I like, personally), but he's a people-lover and as soon as he realizes we're "friends" with the person at the door, he's begging for attention. We think he tries to herd our cat by nosing at him, but for the most part he's learned to give the cat his space.


His only "flaw" is that he resource guards. So far it has only been with extra-special treats, and I know it's our fault as we would pry open his mouth to take dangerous things away from him when he was a small pup (oops!). We have since learned to "trade" him for an even better treat, and that has definitely helped.


He's 6.5 months, about 19 inches tall and 30lbs, with a wavy, soft, low-shedding coat. Here's some pictures of our baby. The last picture is the most recent - he's currently recovering from his "alteration":



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Hi, and welcome to the boards. Charlie's cute! He certainly could be a border collie mix, or even a purebred. They come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes. I don't see anything about him that screams "not a border collie" to me.


FWIW, all puppies are nippy, so that's not an indication of breed, and border collies cover the spectrum from completely laid back to hyper, so the fact that he doesn't play for long periods of time also doesn't mean he is or isn't a border collie.


He sounds like he's landed in a good home, and thank you for adopting him from a rescue.



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