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  1. I'd contact her even if you're a couple years out from getting a dog. Making a connection is good, and she breeds infrequently and her puppies are in high demand.
  2. I'd work more on the grabbing the leash and bringing it to you in a less excited environment and work up to the actual excitement and arousal of a trial. It can help to train them to put their front paws on you so it doesn't turn into a game of you lunging down for it and them dancing away. My girl is small so I'm planning to just ask her to jump into my arms, that's what I do for disc.
  3. The dirt just falls off of her, there's no layer of it. You could try using a baby wipe to wipe down the outer hairs if it's really a problem.
  4. I agree, I don't know much about the UK, but I'm friends with a lot of people that compete in sheepdog trials in europe and it seems like a lot of people that do agility or obedience with their dogs also compete in sheepdog trials.
  5. The purpose of an OSS is to keep the hormone production while rendering the dog sterile and greatly reducing the risk of pyometra. They do indeed continue to have 'heats' but no discharge, and they are attractive to males during their 'heat'. For those on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/alternativealteringinfo/ <- that group has great info on different altering options, risks and benefits, and studies. The information on mammary tumors being less likely in traditionally spayed females vs intact ones is weak: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22647210
  6. The 2nd paragraph on that page, I do not think they intended to imply anything in the first: "There are many working Border Collies who do not live in homes. They do live in barns, laying on hay. But, those situations in no way look like what went on in Indiana, all explained by the rationale that the breed is a farm dog."
  7. I wouldn't spay a dog that you're planning on doing sports with until 18-24 months old. Read up on the signs she's coming into heat, start being very vigilant on that. When she's in heat, keep her away from other dogs, and confined if not under your direct watch. If the spotting is heavy/as a precaution, they sell diapers for bitches in heat at petco and petsmart, and you can buy washable ones online to put a liner in. It's really not that hard.
  8. There are actually studies coming out pointing to neutering and spaying causing a lot of health problems, I totally disagree that only breeding dogs should be left intact.
  9. Feist pooped while I was in line to check out at petco, that was a pretty good one. No warning, just was looking around, looked down at her and tada! Another one, I had her in a park at 11 weeks old, and she was playing a little with a man's beagle. He exclaimed at how cute she was, yada yada. They went to go on with their walk, and Feist didn't want it to end so she began to follow. I fetched her away from the beagle, grabbing her by the collar. She flipped on her back and gnawed on my hand making gremlin sounds as I dragged her away, trying to pretend it wasn't happening and smiling cheerfully at the beagle's owner.
  10. http://talesofmyboys.livejournal.com/260733.html You all might find this blog post interesting! Feist is not tri colored but does indeed have a lot of reddish fur in her pants.
  11. Feist was a lb a week from 7 weeks until 14 weeks, was 14 lbs at 16 weeks. 17 lbs at 20 weeks 19 lbs at 6 months old Now at a year 23-24 lbs, and approx. 17.5" at the withers.
  12. He looks plenty thin to me, right around perfect. Would not want him to lose more weight. He does look like he could really stand to gain some muscle though.
  13. I would definitely, definitely go with the place that shapes. The fact that they let your 7 month old puppy do an aframe makes me uneasy. The fact that you have to wait two classes to start doing equipment is a good thing. There is a ton of foundation work for agility that you can do without a single obstacle. If you go ahead and just do the obstacles because it's fun, you are probably going to have major holes to patch up in your training later on.
  14. I would guess ignore it, no praise but no correction. Keeping in mind that I don't label myself either way, I train in a way that builds on relationship and understanding and takes the dog into account to find what works best for the individual, and corrections and no reward markers are in my 'toolbox'. For me, it is one thing to train a stay or a stopped contact, and it is another thing to train a dog to work through arousal. So even though the dog may know those two behaviors, it may not actually know how to calm itself down and listen, in which case I would be hesitant to correct and would probably end the session and go back to the techniques I use to work on the dog learning to bring itself down from over-stimulation and listen to me even if it is 'high'. If in training it is breaking the contact or stay and it's not an isolated oops, you are asking for too much too soon.
  15. I would take up a lot of trick training with her. There are tons of tricks you can do to work on conditioning. Lifting legs, backing up onto things, balancing on hind legs in a 'sit pretty', standing on two legs. There are a lot of good videos on youtube from rehab vets of activities you can do with your dog in small spaces with minimal equipment. Impulse control games, like throwing a toy and having her hold a position to then release her to get the toy can be played in small areas and tire her brain out quickly. Basically, I'd try to move away from physical exercise as your main way of tiring her and move towards mental. Is she having a problem with her reduced exercise? My little Feist, as a 1y/o working bred dog has plenty of days where we do nothing but sit to go outside and do some basic obedience in the morning for some of her breakfast. As long as she gets to hang out with me a lot, I really don't see her any worse for the wear in terms of not getting a lot of mental or physical stimulation. She just hangs out and sleeps. Just a thought, you might be overestimating her needs.
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