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  1. Hi all, Charlie ripped a woman's jacket today on his walk. She was walking very fast behind us talking on her cell phone. I saw that she was walking extremely fast and thought we should pull off onto a driveway like we usually do, but we were on a very narrow stretch of sidewalk with a retaining wall on one side. Before I knew it she was right next to me and was about to walk into the road to pass us, and that's when Charlie jumped up and bit her coat sleeve. It ripped and some stuffing came out, but she was physically unharmed. He immediately calmed and did not pursue or growl, but I fe
  2. Charlie was a rescue puppy, so we're not entirely sure he's a BC, but the older he gets the more certain we are that he's at least part BC. I've started taking him on trail walks, and when I know there's no one else on the trail, I let him off leash. What surprises me is that he just knows how to follow a trail, even when it's covered in fall leaves. He walks a few feet ahead of me (and stops to wait if I fall behind), and he always follows the trail to a T. I love that he always makes sure I stay close, too. My question is: do you think this is a BC trait, or are most dogs
  3. Hi all, I thought I'd post a feel-good Border Collie story to assuage the fears of new BC owners. We got our rescue puppy, Charlie, last summer, thinking that he would be a "lab mix." When we first met him, this "lab mix" only weighed 8lbs, which was our first clue that "lab" may not be in the mix. Turns out Charlie is mostly, if not all, Border Collie. (picture attached) He's also my very first dog, ever. Granted, I had thoroughly researched behavioral conditioning and clicker training well before we decided to pick out our puppy, but I had no idea what I was walking i
  4. If you don't mind chemicals, there is a Raid flea killer carpet spray that worked wonders when we had flea-infested kittens. It was the only thing that completely rid them, and the house, of the fleas.
  5. I'm hoping for your expert opinions on whether our sweet Charlie is part Border Collie. Charlie was a rescue puppy (his litter mates were mostly black, he had the most white of any of them). We're still not entirely sure what Charlie is, but most people that meet him think he's part Border Collie. He did nip a lot in his first few months, but he grew out of that pretty quickly. As far as his energy level goes, he's calmed down a lot over the last few months as well. He still gets hyper when meeting new people (crying and jumping and begging for attention), but he's fairly calm and slee
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