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Update on Coby

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You may recall that we adopted Coby back in September, quite unexpectedly. He is a sibling to Juno (from another litter). (The thread is here.)


I thought I'd be best off finding Coby a great forever home, and did just that. However, my oldest son had deeply bonded with Coby (before I found Coby his great home, my son was taking him out for walks, playing fetch with him, snuggling up to him in the crate, etc), and when Coby went to his great new home, my son FREAKED OUT. For two days, he cried and cried. He wouldn't allow me to console him in any way, and hid beside the bookshelf in our living room, where he cried himself to sleep the first night and woke up crying the next morning. He said such things as, "Mama, PLEASE call that man and get my dog back!" and, "Coby is MY dog, we love each other! He's not that man's dog, he's MINE!" I tried explaining to my son that we have a busy home, lots of dogs, etc and that Coby would get tons of quality one-on-one attention in his new home (to which my son responded, "I give him the best attention he could ever want!") - all to no avail. My son was totally crushed.


After Coby had been in his new home for two days, I received a phone call from his new owner. He told me that Coby was very distressed - he shredded his bed, ripped apart shoes, tore up a shirt, shredded boxes. He was pacing by the front door, whining and crying and watching the driveway. (We NEVER saw any of that from him, not even his first few days in our home!) Coby's new owner told me, "Every time I look at this dog, I feel like he needs to be with your son." The man had never met my son and had no idea the emotional trauma we were dealing with!


Coby's new owner told me that he already felt great love for Coby and that he was such a wonderful dog, and that he'd be totally willing to stick with it and work through the anxiety that Coby was feeling. But, he said, "still, I think he should be with your son, and if you want to take him back I will understand and have no hard feelings." That was all it took. I loaded my kids into the van, and we drove straight to Coby's new home to collect him.


As soon as we walked through the door, Coby was all over my son, kissing him and rubbing against him. It brought tears to every adult's eye. My son was grinning from ear to ear, hugging Coby and laughing.


So, now Coby is officially my son's dog. I'm glad we have him here forever, as during those two days without him I will admit I felt a gaping hole as well, and things just weren't the same around this place.


We weren't looking to have Coby when he first came into our lives, but it must have been fate. We're certainly blessed to have him in our family.


As it so happens, my son wants very badly to do agility with Coby. They are going to try out a beginner course in January, and in the meantime my son is practicing some basic cues with Coby so Coby knows that he needs to listen to his boy. Here's a peek at what they're up to -


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I just LOVE seeing kids run agility! In our agility group, one of the women's daughter (a 5th grader) also trials with her mom. Last Easter Sunday the girl wanted to spend Easter morning at church on the day of a trial,. she arrived at the trial much later than she anticipated and was up to run the minute she entered the trial area. Her mom slapped the number on her arm and in the ring she went without seeing a course map or walking the course. She ran in her sundress and sandals and "Q"d on an excellent standard course! I overheard one of the spectators (she had quite a crowd watching), and elderly man, elbowed his wife and said "If you'd put on a dress every now and then you might "Q" too!" It was amazing to see the way she confidently ran that course without getting flustered.

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...."If you'd put on a dress every now and then, you might "Q" too!" ....


:D:lol::D Maybe that will help me!


Actually, this past summer, at the one agility trial I managed to fit in, I saw a couple of females (in the 20-30 year old age range) who wore an athletic skirt. (I don't know the proper term for this piece of apparel.) Very stylish on a fit body.



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Great job!! Great looking dog to!!


Those skirts are used in tennis, they have built in shorts underneath :) You can get various different styles, colors and materials. I own a pair they are very comfortable as well :) I wore them when I played tennis and competed a dog before. :)

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