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  1. Hi, I know you already PMed me, but now that I see your pedigree on this thread I can tell you that your dog is a full sibling to both Juno and Coby. While Dennis Nutt is not a responsible breeder (the more I deal with him & discover about him, the less thrilled I am with him), he did somehow manage to produce some pretty superb dogs. I would never get a dog from him again, nor would I recommend that anybody else get a dog from him. That being said, Juno is an amazing working dog, doing VERY well in her training, high drive and very eager to please. Coby is doing very well also, thoug
  2. Gloria, I love your response. You put into words very clearly what I have been thinking but was unable to articulate. This thread has been on my mind since I first read it and it is really bothering me. First, because my husband did force the re-homing of my beloved dog, and second, because having dogs in our lives has been hands-down the best thing for my children. My husband and I separated in November (actually, when he forced the re-homing of my dog, it drove a huge wedge into my heart. That was not the only issue, but it certainly didn't help things!). Over the last few months, I have
  3. You may recall that we adopted Coby back in September, quite unexpectedly. He is a sibling to Juno (from another litter). (The thread is here.) I thought I'd be best off finding Coby a great forever home, and did just that. However, my oldest son had deeply bonded with Coby (before I found Coby his great home, my son was taking him out for walks, playing fetch with him, snuggling up to him in the crate, etc), and when Coby went to his great new home, my son FREAKED OUT. For two days, he cried and cried. He wouldn't allow me to console him in any way, and hid beside the bookshelf in our liv
  4. I understand the situation you are in (remember, my husband insisted that I re-home my dog). But as I'm reading your post I'm noticing things like "Once we have children, I could separate them, but even if I was perfectly adept at keeping them apart, what kind of life is that for Riley?" - WHY do you assume you'd have to keep him separated? Why do you assume Riley would not be good with your future children? You can't possibly know that. Dogs seem to "get it" when their person becomes pregnant - at least, in my experience. They seem to understand that the baby is an extension of the mother.
  5. I had a Border Collie before Juno came into my life. There were a few mishaps around the farm - nothing huge, and nothing that couldn't be corrected - but my husband was furious (he thought the dog should be perfect, despite her young age) and demanded that I get rid of her. Stupidly, I did. I found her a great home, but I regretted it every moment thereafter. I mourned her as though she had died. She had been my "heart dog" and I was so sad without her. It was one of my life's great mistakes. Never again will I give up a beloved pet for the sake of a relationship. I have four kids and fou
  6. Thanks to all for the input. I have decided to go ahead and spend the week up north with a second trainer, and I'll be talking to our current trainer about it next time we go up for a lesson
  7. Thanks I have another question - Do you think it's best to stay with one trainer, or is it ok to try two different trainers? I can see pros and cons to each. I have an opportunity to spend a week up north with a different trainer in the spring, but I'd also like to continue with the trainer we're currently working with. I need to decide what I'm going to do! I don't want to confuse Juno with different approaches, but on the other hand I feel like we could learn a lot more with input and instruction from two different people.
  8. So, after all this discussion about netting (which you are all free to carry on with as you choose!), does anyone have anything to say about Juno? I'm curious to know what more experienced folks may see in her - whether good or bad. I think she's doing pretty well, but I don't know much and I'm learning right along with her.
  9. No, the fence is not hot. It's just plain old netting. No power to it
  10. Thanks for that input! The sheep were very well-dogged, used on a regular basis for training dogs as well as worked daily by the trainer's dogs. There were also several of the trainer's own trial dogs on hand just on the other side of the fence.
  11. Dave, thank you for asking. I'd also like to hear what others have to say about the sheep being penned. I was surprised to see the pen during our first training session and just rolled with it because I'm a greenie and don't know squat about starting a sheep dog. I was under the impression that Juno would have access to the sheep the second time around - but still, on the second visit the pen was put up. From what the trainer told me, Juno was too young at the time of the lesson to have free access to sheep because young dogs will give chase and use grip (meanwhile, Juno is HIGHLY ob
  12. Hmmm, it shows up on my screen. I don't know what I should change. Try again?
  13. As I was cleaning up my camera's memory, I found the video I took two months ago of Juno's second training session on sheep. We're on a bit of a hiatus right now because I have health issues that make it hard to get out in the cold, but we'll be picking up again in earnest in the spring. In the meantime, we're keeping busy with agility classes, but I'm itching to get back to those sheep!! Any input, advice, or feedback you have about the video is greatly appreciated!
  14. May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, and light - wherever you are, however you celebrate, whatever you believe. Best of the season to you all!
  15. The woman who owns the training centre we go to has three Herdabout Shelties and they are AMAZING dogs. All three are agility & obedience dogs and have plenty of titles. I was, once upon a time, considering getting a Sheltie (ended up with Juno instead, thank goodness!) and would have purchased from Herdabout, but was bothered by the stance against raw feeding and non-vaxxing. Otherwise, I really like them.
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