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  1. Hey all!! Haven't posted for some time now regarding Ruger's eyes. If you refer to this post..... this is what we were going through..... http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=34434&do=findComment&comment=433155 And his eyes have been pretty unchanged..... UNTIL today...... I woke up and he was squinting in the eye that had been resurfaced.... Which yesterday he spent a lot of time outside in the sun and we never thought anything of it. I put his drops in and he went and laid down. I checked later in the day and what was there? Those same "oily" looking
  2. HELLO AND WELCOME!! When was his last bout of gastritis and what were his/their symptoms? Was it bad enough he/they had loose bloody stool? Or was it mild? Did they have the bouts at the same time? I have never seen a dog actually get that poisoning either.... I'm glad you caught that before it was to late!!
  3. I second that!!! And a very lucky dog as well!!! You can get DNA testing done. My friend got it done on her dog just to see if it worked. It said what the dog was right. BUT I've had a few others do it and said that isn't what there dogs were. It can pick up genetic markers from its origins as well..... So might be worth a try. Here they are 75$ Canadian to get them done. Good luck and I think he is a cutie!! I agree with the retriever or collie in that tail and those ears!!
  4. could be.... Ontario has a lot of irresponsible breeders...... Although he did contact me back when I said I had a problem with my dog that I've had for 3 years in May. He remembered me, which was a shock. I asked about anyone else presenting with the same eye issue Ruger has and he said no one reported any. Which two of his siblings are on this forum and their eyes are also fine. I was shocked her replied back to tell you the truth....
  5. Hey all, We've been back to the vets for a week check up today. His eye is still cloudy like it was when it was opened. To me I think it looks more cloudy but not to sure.... The photo I took of his eye and posted when it was opened has no flash and was with an iphone. This photo and the first photos that were taken were with high quality cameras so you can see more detail. We added in optimmune eye ointment to see if it will take some of that cloudyness away. I agree with the above comment that it is probably a lipid deposit, which is what he said it probably was and it probab
  6. I would be cautious to. When ever I bring a new dog in my house it is ON LEASH for the first at least two weeks. Never left alone with any other pet. I have a rescue with us that I took in (this august will be 2 years) and my other two dogs still pick on him. He is the weakest link (bad genetics and a few health problems) I never put him in the situation when no one is home nor not paying attention to be attacked by the other dogs. That just isn't intelligent. He was my responsibility and I have to try and keep him as safe as I can since I rescued him. BUT If it ever came down to him o
  7. Yes I have noticed he is no longer a "responsible" breeder. When we first got him he would always reply to what ever it was I had to say. Photos or anything. But that was 3 years ago now. When I mentioned Ruger's bad habits to him he never replied back. Ah well what can you do. He needed a home either way, I'm glad he got a responsible owner not ended up in some pound or wherever puppies that don't sell go. But its a learning experience. I bought my GSD of Kijiji and I'm still in contact with his breeder even after she moved to England 3 years ago. I have to send her Christmas
  8. He is doing well I will take another photo and show you guys. He has a recheck tomorrow just to see how his progress is going. I notice when he's outside it is always open, when he is inside sometimes he squints, the air in here is dry. BUT He played frisbee the other day for the first time in a month and he was able to see the disk no matter where it went. So that is a plus also Thank you for asking
  9. Great job!! Great looking dog to!! Those skirts are used in tennis, they have built in shorts underneath You can get various different styles, colors and materials. I own a pair they are very comfortable as well I wore them when I played tennis and competed a dog before.
  10. To lay like this in SOME breeds is completely normal. I have seen mastiffs do it, almost all puppies can do that, corsos and labs. My collie who (I believe) is related to your collies also does it and he has showed no ill effects in his hips, gait nor physical working ability. If my GSD were to lay like that... there would INDEED be hip dysplasia as well as other problems to say the least.
  11. Thank you to a member here for pointing out this post. I also have a Dennis Nutt dog. He is everything we could ask for in a collie (he will be 3 next month) I emailed him when we first got him and he replied and I sent pictures and everything. But after that he never replied to me again. Ruger is an exceptional worker, has wonderful drive and is very willing to please. He is also very intelligent (as this breed should be) I got to see both parents also at the family home (near the Indian reserve) After buying him I saw more ad's for puppies up and I asked about that.....
  12. I don't know anyone, I tried emailing Dennis but he never responded. And I cant' remember exactly the way to the place I got Ruger from. It was near an Indian reserve an hour from here at least. (we have two of them near me) I suppose I could mail him a letter but if he doesn't respond to my emails then I'm not thinking he will respond to a letter I've mailed either......
  13. haha that's awesome!! Still somewhat related!!! The vet doesn't think its inherited just something he has, but can't hurt having a look around
  14. OK So I just realized there is a name on his pedigree from this site! SO maybe there is someone else on here!!!
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