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  1. How wonderful for everything to turn out so well. Jerri
  2. Sue, I've been reading the board since March 19 - I love the advice and experiences that you guys share. Plus the breeder of Ozzie has shared so much with me during the six weeks we waited for him. I'm like sponge when it comes to new endeavors. My husband thinks he is too glued to me, but I feel, like you, as he begins to get more comfortable he will loose some of that. They are like a new baby at first. The time it takes for him to adjust will be so small compared to the years that we will have him. Also, I am the one that takes him out so what should we expect! Thanks, Jerrie
  3. My name is Jerrie and this is our new puppy Oz. We call him Ozzie. We've only had him three days so he's still getting used to his new home. Of course we already love him! He is a black and white tri. Since all he does is eat sleep and potty I don't have any serious questions yet, but I know I will. Poor little thing was so overwhelmed with his new home that he hardly moved the first day. We were really off based on how we "thought" he'd be. He is starting to play more now, but is mostly glued to me. So far Oz seems to like his crate which I only use for at least one nap and night. We feel lucky at this point because so far he sleeps all night. Of course I'm on guard "listening" so I haven't slept as well. He hasn't had an accident in the house or crate, but that's because "I'm potty-trained" and I set a timer to remind me to take him out during the day every hour. Lucky for Ozzie we are both at home all the time! Here's Oz
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