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The ARFF Agility Club

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Has anyone heard of ARFF? It's based out of Massachusetts. Someone at my agility class said it's something I may be interested in joining but of course im reading the sight and have no idea what it all is, lol.


I don't know about this particular club, but it sounds like a typical agility club. From their website:


Why Join ARFF?

•Once a week practice at beautiful River Road Farm

•An informal mentor program for new members

•Camaraderie with fellow dog lovers

•Opportunities to attend dog related classes, seminars and fun social events

•Information exchange about dogs and agility

•A great source for networking

•Being part of a fun and well-run club

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Are the Agility clubs worth signing up for?


That's going to depend on the club, and what you are looking to get out of it.


Maybe you could contact them and let them know you are interested, and see if there is a way to sit in on a gathering (a practice or something), so you can get acquainted with some of the members of the group, and see firsthand what they are doing. That might help you see if it is worth it to you.

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It depends on your own personal preferences.


I'm a member of an agility club. We have weekly classes. I have access to the agility equipment and field to practice any time I want to (was there last night). We bring in top handlers once or twice a year to give seminars or special classes, usually at a discounted rate. We have social events. We host fun runs. We occasionally do demonstrations. Once a year, we particpate in a team competition (this weekend, in fact!). We exchange knowledge and help each other.


For me, it's worth it. But, maybe that's not your cup of tea. But, from looking at their website, they look like a really nice club. If you are a newbie, especially, you could gain a lot from being a member of a club.

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Wow, that sounds right up my ally :). I LOVE doing agility with Willow and would love to do more with it. Sounds like this would be a good thing for me, I just hope they dont have events and things to far away from where I live :unsure:


Any events that our club hosts (we don't host trials) are held at our club's agility field. I would assume it would be similar for this club, with the exception of trials.


What I really like about the club you are interested in is that they practice several different venues: USDAA, AKC, NADAC, CPE. My club and the other place that I train only practice AKC courses and standards. AKC is definitely the dominant force down here. I sure would love to re-run some of the challenging USDAA courses that I've encountered at trials. But, I don't think my club members would go for that. There's only a few of us that trial in USDAA and CPE. So, most of my club members are not interested in trying to run a snooker, gamblers, or steeplechase course.

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I used to belong to a club and I miss it terribly. It wa all volunteer run , not for profit. 3 aac sanctioned trials a year and we'd fly in different judges that would also hold a seminar. Wed have clinics and lesson programs and everyone taught the classes. Which was good and bad. lots of fun trials


I really miss the friendships and helping each other out. I moved away and it's strange to trial on my own and I don't have equipment to practice on. And I'm moving again in august so I didn't really have time to settle into any routine here :( I really miss having dog sport friends. It's hard not too, regular people think I'm either crazy or amazing for doing this stuff with my dog, it's annoying.


I'd say go for it!!!!

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I wish there was a club local to me that access to equipment to practice on. I say go visit, join see if you like the members, give it some time to see if it is a fit. I joined the only club locally as I get 50% discounts on a couple of winter seminars and some free run throughs in the summer if I can make it. Not much but I like to support a local group and it only costs me $15.00, which I get back double with a half day seminar.

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