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  1. I am very excited but very nervous! Willow is going for her CGC and Theropy Dog test tonight. If she passes the CGC, she gets a Title! I cant wait to bring her to hospitals and senior centers, I have been wanting a dog that could do this for a long time, wish us luck!
  2. Tomorrow is sooo close now, lol. I will be driving with my Mom and Willow to PA to visit my family. It takes us about 5 1/2- 6 hours to get there. Any tips on traveling with a dog on such a long trip, also what would you bring with you? We will be in PA for 2 weeks so this is a nice long vacation. When I first got Willow she would get car sick after 45-60 minutes in a car, she hasnt lately but I'm not taking any chances and got Cerenia from the vet. I will also have water for her and we plan on stopping every 2 hours to let her stretch. I am so happy she will be coming with us, she is going to LOVE the open fields
  3. Wow, that sounds right up my ally . I LOVE doing agility with Willow and would love to do more with it. Sounds like this would be a good thing for me, I just hope they dont have events and things to far away from where I live
  4. Are the Agility clubs worth signing up for?
  5. Has anyone heard of ARFF? It's based out of Massachusetts. Someone at my agility class said it's something I may be interested in joining but of course im reading the sight and have no idea what it all is, lol.
  6. I purchase Willow a leather collar about 1 month ago and the metal on it has tarnished and the "leather" is very thin so im guess it wont last much longer. I want to get her another nice leather collar (preferably pink ), where do you recommend I look? I want to make sure I dont waist my money again and buy something that wont last! Thank you
  7. Hello All! So Willow was at K9 Kamp all weekend while I was away (3 days, 2 nights). It is a non kennel facility where she plays with all the dogs durring the day and then at night she was boarded at the owners house for the night with her own bed. When I picked her up yesterday they had given her a bath for me so I didnt pick up a stinky dog. The person who owns this place said she did fantastic and everyone loved her. When I brought her home I noticed that she keeps licking her paws (she never does this). So I checked them out and the inside of her paws are a little pink and irritated. Im wondering if it has to do with the rocks she was walking on all weekend or the soap they used to wash her. What do you recommend I use to put on the inner paws? Her pads look fine. Thank you!
  8. Im so sorry to hear about Whisper *HUGS*
  9. Wow, this just made me tear up. What a sad thing to happen , my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her beautiful dogs. I just donated, not much but I know every little bit helps.
  10. Welcome to the boards He has the face of a BC, Rocket is very cute! Isnt adopting a dog so rewarding? Congratulations
  11. Thank you everyone I just printed out a $10 off coupon for the Cerenia, I think im going to give this stuff a shot instead of chancing it and having her get sick.
  12. Willow is a BC mix and we are not sure what is is mixed with. Vet thinks BC, Corgi, Basset Hound and possibly Beagle. I will never know
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