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Im getting another potatoe chip...er...Border Collie!!:D

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Ive not been that active as of lately...but working "full time"(only about 5 hours per day) and having 4 dogs, a husband, 2 cats and a horse(who is 15 miles away)doesnt leave me all that much time to be on the boards!LOL


Anyways...so we have Rhett(my soon to be 9 month old heart and soul dog who I got at 10 weeks old,) and Leo who we rescued in late May and who QUICKLY turned into my husband's soul dog(we also have Brody the Pug/x and Dixi the Mini Dachshund who like to think that they are Border Collies!LOL)

Well, I got an email from Rhett's breeder stating that his mom had her last litter(I dont fully agree with keeping the pregnancy after she "ran around" with this male, but I LOVE the male all the same) and that she had just whelped 3 girls and 2 boys, all B/W each with unique markings all of their own!;)


I talked to husband, well BEGGED HIM!LOL And he agreed(as had the breeder already) to allow me to have my "last" dog(well for now, for this house at least!LOL)


I got pick of the litter, for many reasons.....so I chose this little girl, her name will be Keeva(spelled officially in the Gaelic spelling of Caoimhe) it carries the meaning of "gentle, beautiful, precious" in Irish, Gaelic, which I think is PERFECT!:)


She will be coming to me around mid January, around 9 or 10 weeks old!:-)


Anyways....enough of my talking here is my little girl!!:-D






The whole litter(you can tell which is here's!LOL)





Her Dad(Jackson LH) :





Mom(Circle H Sadie) :




Oh and just as a cool side note, the WHOLE litter went to my self and friends of mine, one little girl is staying in Missouri, with my friend who suggested this breeder(who already has 2 full sister's of Rhett-18 or so months older) the other little girl will be going to a good friend of mine in Florida. One of the boys will becoming up here to Washington with my Keeva to be my best friend's and the other will be going to New York to a good friend of mine!:)


And for good measure, my baby boy is growing up!! He will be 9 months old on the 14th and is 21.5" tall!;)



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Congrats! And I love the name :)


Thank you!:D


Im hoping to get more pictures soon, and I can NOT wait for her eyes to open!:D


And, Im glad that I finally came up with a name!LOL I had about 300 names suggested to me, NOT a SINGLE one felt right...then I was looking up words for beautiful in Gaelic...and it just JUMPED out at me!!:D And when I told the husband and he REALLY liked it I knew it was perfect...he doent like the official spelling, but Im about 90% Irish...so that is just how it HAS to be!!LOL

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CONGRATS! She is precious and I love her name! When I picked out my Pompey she was mostly white too (she had a black eye, one black ear, and a large black spot on her back). She is 8 months old now and has developed smaller spots, like ticking all over. She is still predominately white, but has what I call "accents". I can't wait to see pictures of your girl as her coloring changes (or maybe doesn't).

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It's so wonderful to hear how much you love Rhett...so much that you want another from his mom and have told your friends about the breeder and placed all the puppies. It is clear that you have a big heart and love your dogs very much.


As lovely as your Rhett is, I'm not sure if you realize that breeder is a back yard breeder (at best) breeding for the pet market or those that don't know that border collies should be bred for working ability (ie parents have proven ability to work livestock). They are breeding some very young dogs, collecting breeding "stock" of a variety of colors (and from suspicious sources...other high volume breeders and mills) and touting such high achievement as CGC, working horses and some agility classes to justify their "working" breeding choices.


The breeder is very fortunate to have such good homes for its puppies as you and your friends.


I have no doubt that your Rhett is a lovely dog (and I hope your pending pup is as nice as an addition to your household)....but I am saddened just the same as this isn't how the border collie should be bred.

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I am also dismayed and saddened at what I see regarding this breeder, and suspect that it may be a puppy mill. While I am very, very glad that these particular pups are finding such exemplary homes, and have no doubt in your ability, Rhett's Mommi, to give any puppy a good home and proper training and all the best advantages, I find it unfortunate that you and other well meaning people are supporting breeders who are not breeding BCs for working ability, and therefore should not be breeding them at all. I almost got a BC puppy from a non-working breeder, and was set straight by the folks on this forum. It was disappointing to me at the time but I am very glad to have learned why it is not in the best interests of the wonderful breed that we all love to buy from such breeders as this.

Best wishes to you and all of your pack,


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