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  1. Thank you! Im hoping to get more pictures soon, and I can NOT wait for her eyes to open! And, Im glad that I finally came up with a name!LOL I had about 300 names suggested to me, NOT a SINGLE one felt right...then I was looking up words for beautiful in Gaelic...and it just JUMPED out at me!! And when I told the husband and he REALLY liked it I knew it was perfect...he doent like the official spelling, but Im about 90% Irish...so that is just how it HAS to be!!LOL
  2. Ive not been that active as of lately...but working "full time"(only about 5 hours per day) and having 4 dogs, a husband, 2 cats and a horse(who is 15 miles away)doesnt leave me all that much time to be on the boards!LOL Anyways...so we have Rhett(my soon to be 9 month old heart and soul dog who I got at 10 weeks old,) and Leo who we rescued in late May and who QUICKLY turned into my husband's soul dog(we also have Brody the Pug/x and Dixi the Mini Dachshund who like to think that they are Border Collies!LOL) Well, I got an email from Rhett's breeder stating that his mom had her last litter(I dont fully agree with keeping the pregnancy after she "ran around" with this male, but I LOVE the male all the same) and that she had just whelped 3 girls and 2 boys, all B/W each with unique markings all of their own! I talked to husband, well BEGGED HIM!LOL And he agreed(as had the breeder already) to allow me to have my "last" dog(well for now, for this house at least!LOL) I got pick of the litter, for many reasons.....so I chose this little girl, her name will be Keeva(spelled officially in the Gaelic spelling of Caoimhe) it carries the meaning of "gentle, beautiful, precious" in Irish, Gaelic, which I think is PERFECT! She will be coming to me around mid January, around 9 or 10 weeks old!:-) Anyways....enough of my talking here is my little girl!!:-D The whole litter(you can tell which is here's!LOL) Her Dad(Jackson LH) : and Mom(Circle H Sadie) : Oh and just as a cool side note, the WHOLE litter went to my self and friends of mine, one little girl is staying in Missouri, with my friend who suggested this breeder(who already has 2 full sister's of Rhett-18 or so months older) the other little girl will be going to a good friend of mine in Florida. One of the boys will becoming up here to Washington with my Keeva to be my best friend's and the other will be going to New York to a good friend of mine! And for good measure, my baby boy is growing up!! He will be 9 months old on the 14th and is 21.5" tall!
  3. Rhett went to the vet on Saturday, he turned 6 months old on Sunday. He weighed 38.2 LONG and LEAN(and fluffy) pounds and is between 19 and 20 inches.
  4. AWE! Im hoping that AC will do something! That is just really maddening! UGH! Keep us updated!
  5. I feed all 3 of dogs RAW, that is 2 Border Collies-one 4 month old and one 4 year old, and 1 19 month old Pug/x. They all get chicken necks(I got some for $.37/lbs a while ago) thankfully none of them are gulpers! They all 3 LOVE both chicken and turkey necks, the only one that I have a tiny problem with is the puggie, but I freeze his meals so that he has to take a little more time eating and everything goes fine!
  6. I agree with everyone who has said rescue. We currently have 2 BCs, one (Rhett) is my 2nd heart dog, he is attached to my hip and I couldnt ask for a better puppy! I had him flown from Missouri on the suggestion of a friend who has 2 of his full sisters! I adore him and wouldnt ever choose a different dog, HOWEVER.... Leo who we recused this past Memorial Day weekend is an AWESOME dog as well! He is definitely a heart dog to both my husband and I! He is 4 and is a great companion! I am hoping to be able to do some agility or more with him once we get a 2nd rig, but right now he is great...I would never go back on our decision to rescue him! Good luck with your search and also, how far south from Seattle do you live? Im in the Enumclaw area!
  7. I am SOOOO sorry to hear about your sweet dog!! I had to put down my 14 year old a month and a half ago and I still cry at the sound of his name and when I see any dogs who look like him!!!! I have been told that it gets easier, but do not have that kmowlage yet so can not tell you that!! However I can say to take advantage of every single moment you have together!!! Take TONS of pictures and make LOTS of memories!!! I still treasure the picture I have of him and my puppy playing, I just wish I would have been able to have gotten more my short 2 weeks with him after being apart for 2 years!!!! Again I am sooooo VERY sorry for your sad news!!!!
  8. This was going to be my idea. I use one when feeding, it seems to help them not feel alone, while still being removed...
  9. I agree with everyone else, I get on Rhett's(15 week old) case when ever he tries to "herd" Brody(the pug/x.) As it will NOT be cute when he is 2x his size and bites the back of his legs! I do however make him work on something better to do as I feel that it means that he is bored and need mental stimulates! I, however, dont have to scold him when he does it with the cat cause Ducki loves taking chunks out of his nose!HAHAHA
  10. We are a multi male household, they get along great(only girls are my self and the kittie)! Granted I think he helps that I am SUPER Alpha with animals and humans alike, so they all 3 know that Im top dog! Leo, 4 year old Border Collie, altered for 18 months. Not alpha in any way, allows others to eat before him if I tell him. Brody, 18 month old Pug/x, altered since 6 months old, very much so bottom of the pack, however since he was in the family first he is fed, walked and given treats first. Rhett, 15 week old Border Collie, not altered, may not be. Easily top of the pack of boys!
  11. Yep I have the same experience Gloria, how ever mine was/is with my sister's little Lhasa Apso! Bonni can and HAS chewed holes in plastic crates and, as you stated, bent wire crates into pretzels! Even that little 20lbs dog could do CRAZY things with crates!! HOWEVER I personally wouldnt ever state that a dog has claustrophobia without making sure that I gone thru all the steps of training properly.
  12. I would also ask how you are reacting and if you are covering him? With Rhett, my 3 month old, I put him in his crate with either his dinner or a treat(all dependent as to why/when he is going in) and cover him with a heavy blanket. He sometimes whines a couple times after going in...but I TOTALLY ignore him(and also make sure no one uses his name) and he quiets right down. I am now using this same strategy with my new BC, 4 years old and never crated(at least not in the past 2 years) It is working quite well for him, granted we DO hear more whining from him(some times up to 30 min) but again I TOTALLY ignore him and make sure no one uses his name!
  13. Thank you! We have had LOTS of fun this weekend, even had my best friend and Brody's sister over yesterday for fun, and the 4 of them had a TON of fun! HAHA, yes his face is VERY hard to resist! And thank you! Yes all 3 boys are getting along VERY well! He was SOO excited when I woke the puppies up this morning it was cute! (They sleep in their crates while he has decided that the couch is his at night!)
  14. Thank you! Yes the dog park, although in the back woods, was VERY cool as there were about 10 other dogs there, but when they heard that we were trying to figure out if we were going to take Leo home or not they took them on the trails and allowed us to have the open area to ourselves! And yes, the weekend....well I think we just got lucky on the dates!AHAHA
  15. Thank you all! Ive replied to everyone twice now, but UGH they keep disappearing!! ANYWAYS!! Thank you all! Yes he is getting along VERY well with Rhett! According to his previous owner he hadn't been around puppies for at least 2 years, but he is SO good with Rhett! He lets him pull on his ears, tail, collar, smack him in his face and stand on top of him while he is sleeping!!LOL The man who had him loved him very much, but sadly just wasnt educated in proper feeding and such(he is one of those people who called "pedigree, on of the good foods". ) But I am SO glad that he loved him enough to wait on rehoming him until he could find the perfect hom! and HAHAHA, Oh yes! Brody, the Puggie, is SOO glad to only have to be playing with Rhett for about 1/4 of the time!HAHAH
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