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  1. Patriot is drinking more than before that is for sure. He has always been one to "taste" everything, but now, he is 100x worse......he has to be watched constantly because he eats rocks, grass, steals food off the counter, out of bags (when we bring groceries inside he tries to eat them before we can put them up), I had fresh picked veggies from the garden in the sink to be washed and he stole a bell pepper and started eating that. It's just crazy!
  2. UPDATE ON Patriot: I took Patriot to NC State Monday and Tuesday of this week and he had an MRI and a CSF done, along with two urinalysis. The MRI showed no lessions or masses, etc. and the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid tap) showed no bacteria or inflammation. The urinalysis also came back clean. He was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy. The specialists say he is a very healthy dog, aside from the seizures, and one of them tried to convince me into trading him for one of her dogs (he is very well behaved and because he spends so much time at my side has learned several pointless tricks t
  3. Julie, He was on diazepam (I know I didn't spell that correctly)as the vet and I were trying to treat him in case the events were isolated. I had not given him his heartworm preventative this past month when it happened (I was waiting on the order of inteceptor to come in, it came in after he seized). I still plan to have him and my other borders checked for the MDR1 gene anyway. He was started on KBr after this last episode, so he will be going in for blood work in a couple of weeks to check his levels. The vet and I both want to try and avoid PB if we can. My boy has a wonderful persona
  4. Thanks for all the info. I did read through all the posts and there is a wealth of info there! Blue Buffalo has a grain free kibble, I think I will compare the ingredients to what he eats now. I feed all my dogs 2x a day and they get supplements in their morning dishes (diatomaceous earth and a digestive supplement) and a sliced banana. they love their banana He has his seizures at the same time everymonth, no really he does (16-21 of the month) and he has about 3 each time (the first day he has 2 back to back and then will have one more within 2 days of the first seize). He has an
  5. Does anyone feed raw? I have heard that raw diets, especially no carb raw diets are good for dogs with health issues. My 10mth old BC started having seizures (grand mal) when he was 8 mths old. He was just started on Potassium Bromide. I have two other BC's from the same breeder, one being his sister from the same litter. Neither have ANY health issues and I am in constant contact with the breeder who has never had any dogs or dogs produced that had seizures. I have friends with dogs from this breeder with no health issues also. My vet is referring us to a neurologist so that we can fin
  6. "Your dog would be quite happy chasing a ball, learning stupid pet tricks, doing freestyle, doing tracking, participating in NADAC agility or even just hanging out with you. You are the one who places great value on your chosen venue and you build the value for your dog as you make it rewarding" This statement by Mara, I absolutely agree with! I don't work sheep with my dogs but I do flyball and teach them endless "stupid" pet tricks...it makes me happy and them happy....yay...a win win if you ask me! However, I am of the mindset that doing flyball, freestyle, agility, etc etc... is perf
  7. "This is the THREAD that doesn't end, Yes, it goes on and on my friend, Some people started POSTING TO it not knowing what it was And they'll continue POSTING TO it forever just because......" I think of the never ending song everytime I see another page added to this thread......it's just crazy Shawnee
  8. My BC, Pompeia Magnus, had an issue with being brushed and now in order to brush her you have to show her the brush and say "I am going to brush you", then she will sit still and allow someone to brush her. But if you just go to brush her she backs away and won't let the person trying to brush her to do so. We were in a training class and one of the things our dogs had to do was accept grooming by a stranger. Pompey kept getting up and I told the person you have to show it to her and tell her what you are going to do. When the person did this Pompey sat very still and allowed the person to
  9. I tethered all my dogs to me when they were that young/younger and it helped with house breaking. I don't see anything wrong with it but my dogs never reacted this way either. I keep toys EVERY where for the dogs, so they have access to them ALL the time. I usually tether a pup to me when I am in the kitchen or sitting at my desk. Because I tethered them to me all of my dogs stay within a certain range of me even when they are not on a leash now (the invisible leash). Maybe he should give the dog a chew toy when the pup is tethered to him so there is a positive association. I suggest try
  10. I have learned a lot from reading information posted on the boards, but sometimes I feel that people are being verbally attacked in the responses to their posts. And this actually saddens me, this apparent hostility. Perhaps it is not intentional, but these responses sometimes appear hostile. My introduction to border collies was through flyball tournaments and then research. The border collie is the breed that opened my eyes to the frailty of AKC and their standards. I probably won't ever own sheep and therefore will probably never train my BC's to herd, however, I do recognize that th
  11. This is why BC's are one of the prefered breeds for flyball! This is how I was introduced to the breed. I do flyball with my Pomeranian and it seems every team has at least one BC on it....the teams that are all BC's are usually top in the divisions...impressive dogs all around!
  12. Thank you for posting those videos! That looks so simple! I am going to try it with my BC too!!! shawnee
  13. BEAUTIFUL pup!!!! My vet said between 4-6 months for our puppies to be spayed/neutered. I had my girl spayed right at 4 months and she went through a leggy growth spurt, which the vet said was normal because she was still a little young, our vet prefers closer to 6 months. I would ask your vet..also, friendsofanimals.org has low cost spay/neuter certificates ($65 neuter and $90 spay certificates) you should check that out if you are interested to see if your vet takes them. I have used them with our other dogs but our BC's are on a health plan that included the spay/neuterd in it. Your pu
  14. I have also heard that BC's are great at SAR. I am in contact now with an SAR club and trainer for my BC....I am doing a lot of different things with her to find her "calling" (she just turned 9 mths old). I am exposing her to a variety of different things to find her fit, what she likes the best and excels at.
  15. CONGRATS! She is precious and I love her name! When I picked out my Pompey she was mostly white too (she had a black eye, one black ear, and a large black spot on her back). She is 8 months old now and has developed smaller spots, like ticking all over. She is still predominately white, but has what I call "accents". I can't wait to see pictures of your girl as her coloring changes (or maybe doesn't).
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