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Ladybug's Surrender Day


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Ladybug's official "got day" is December 26. Today is the anniversary of the day she was left at the SPCA, a healthy, exceptionally well trained, beautifully kept intact four year old female full blooded Border Collie whose only sin, according to her intake papers, was nipping at a toddler that had been pulling her hair. We know she doesn't like toddlers, or women, especially shorter, rounder ones. Men and boys, she adores. This is her first Christmas picture -- the day after we brought her home, she was a bit shy. She really hasn't changed much in six years. A bit grey around the muzzle this past year, but that's to be expected after nurse-maiding two pups! A bit slower, and not at all fond of the cold anymore, but at 10 and a half, that's to be expected.




When she came to us she was very thin, full of tapeworms and almost immediately came into heat so perhaps there were a few other things the people who left her at the pound didn't put on that form, but for the sake of convenience, they surrendered a terrific dog who had been forgiven that nip they reported - in another area, her story might have had a different ending.


We treated for the worms, spayed, and we learned that above else, Ladybug loved chasing balls. That is (was) my Pilates ball - she had taken it out the door and way up into the field before bringing it back down onto the lawn and popping it onto the pool fence. She's a dab hand at catching frisbees as well and I suspect she knows something about the game of flyball and I'm absolutely sure she knows nothing about sheep. She's a bit slower at getting to the balls, but the boys always defer to Miss Ladybug.



Though she missed her pal, Scotty, she wasn't exactly thrilled at first when those puppies came to live with us. It would have been all right if we'd just brought Robin home, as he was to be my dog and but when Brodie attached himself to my husband, we knew there'd be some issues to work out with Ladybug. DH was "her man". She lives on his lap in the evening, is his constant shadow in all activities at home and as often as possible abroad and to think that another pup was moving on her territory was something that just wasn't going to happen....or was it? Very soon she was mothering the puppies, playing with them, teaching them their manners, and happily sharing DH in the recliner, the porch swing, and her morning toast with butter and strawberry jam with Brodie and Robin. But on the first few minutes of Brodie's arrival, things didn't look all that promising.... (she never growled at him, just slid up on DH's lap in a "Me here first" kind of way. When we put Brodie down on the floor, she went over to him and immediately started mothering him. A big relief.




Ladybug came to us at a time when our house was emptying out very fast. Our only son had graduated college, flapped his wings and left for the city. Our two aged dogs had left us....the house was very quiet. Then came Ladybug, with her one sock up and one sock down on her front legs, her smattering of freckles, her eager eyes, skittering around chasing a ball, tail wagging like a semaphore, a happy little girl as she settled in and regained her health. She's our very best girl and we love her very, very much.



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