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  1. Son: "Dad, the shelter called, they're about to put down this cute little puppy, if I rescue her, will you help me out with the rescue?" Me: "SURE, son, be glad to!" (3 hours later) Son: "Dad! Got her! But, um, er..." Me: "Spit it out..." Son: "I forgot to ask my wife if it's ok!" (they haven't been married that long, but they do have 5 dogs...) Me: "And..." Son: "Could I stash her at your house, just for a few days?" Me: (I'm a complete marshmallow and have no sales resistance) "Sure, bring her over!" 6 months later, she's "my" rescue.... ...and I need to find her a home. I can't keep up with 4 dogs, not working the hours I've got now (60 hours a week--and 55 is too darn old to be working like this-- doesn't leave me much spare time, and the dogs are suffering as a result--I need to spread my remaining time among my three BC's). So: Meet Roxie! She's about 9 months old, we think. She was much smaller when she arrived, but at 33 lbs I think this is about it. No idea about the mix (there isn't any BC in there), but she's playful and friendly and FULL of energy! LOTS of energy (which I don't have--my 3 BC's are energetic enough, but they've adapted to my couch potato ways, and each has her own place on the couch...). Roxie is a nice little dog. She's had all her shots, spayed, etc. I'll deliver her anywhere in the Continental US (I'm always up for a road trip). My restrictions: adopter must either have a fence or be able to contain her, I'd hate to have worked this hard to have her wind up road kill or back in some other high-kill shelter), and adopter needs to understand that she's got LOTS of energy, LOTS. If you know ANYBODY looking for a sweet little pet, I'd love to have her adopted. I need the time, and if possible I'd like to rescue another BC at some point. (if anybody has any guesses on the mix, let's have 'em. I'm stumped.) email me at malvernhog@yahoo.com or reply on this forum.
  2. D'Elle, you're doing a GREAT job. I just finished reading this thread. YOU SHOULD TOO! Go back and read the whole thing over again, where you were with Kelso when you got him, and look where you are now. You've made tremendous progress! Don't get discouraged. It took me 3 weeks to coax Bessie up to the back door (she and her sister were cowering in the back yard, in the rain, and wouldn't even get under the breezeway because it was too close to the house). Bonnie, her sister, still wouldn't (Bessie is the more adventurous) for another couple of weeks. Now, this was to get them up to the door with chicken. Several more weeks to actually get them INSIDE the house. I left food out and it was gone every morning, and they were obviously eating it, but it was tough sledding. I didn't rush them, just kept at it. Today (3 years later) Bonnie is living with my buddy in Arkansas, is his constant companion, does flyball, does couch potato, sleeps in his bed with all 4's in the air, lounges, likes all his friends and their dogs, and basically is a happy, healthy, much-loved companion... And at my house, Bessie is a sweet, loving, playful BC who loves nothing better (other than a walk....) than to curl up by my chair (or better, in my lap). She plays with her "sisters" Lucy and Ethel, naps on the couch, wards off the bad guys (she's a great watch dog; those trash men and mailmen better watch their step!). You WILL get it done! It's only been since April! Don't get discouraged, don't give up! Kelso will be fine one of these days, and you'll look back on all this and smile. (Oh, and: Bess still doesn't like sudden loud noises, is not fond of thunderstorms, and panics a little when introduced to another dog (besides her "sisters"). She may have these always. It truly is two steps forward, one step back).
  3. I'd take them myself if I didn't already have 3 + another rescue (my son's bringing her over today; she's got -some- BC in there, I think maybe some pit as well? Who knows? High-kill shelter, girls who work there have tried desperately to save her but time's up; he's got to be there before 5 today or she's gone, so he's taking off work and going over there.) I need to go live on the farm (my brother-in-law has a farm). What would I do for money? I'm unable to do heavy physical labor... Anyway, maybe we can help these two find homes. I think there's a lot of Australian Cattle Dog in these, but they're adorable anyway.
  4. These dogs have been rescued from "the ghetto" (rescue group: BarrioDogs of Houston) They're not on the website yet. I quote from email received from a friend: Buddy – Male weighing in at 44 pounds· Babe – Female weighing in at 34.2 pounds· More than likely siblings and would like to keep them together, but understand if separating them will help find good homes· Approx. 9 months old· Well behaved and very sweet, they also rode well in the car, and behaved well during the vet visit· Received a clean bill of health – Heartworms and Intestinal Worms…NEGATIVE!· Up-to-date on their vaccines (as of yesterday)· Scheduled to be spayed and neutered this Friday 7/8· They willingly go into a crate on their own· Haven’t done as well as with other dogs, but this could be related to not being neutered and fear· It’s believed they belonged to someone who’s father is terminally ill and couldn’t care for them anymore – sadly, they were just released to fend for themselves vs. finding an alternative…sad· She will consider surrendering them to a rescue (no kill) group or foster, but prefers a forever home The lady who took these two dogs off the street, has a generous heart and has paid for all their vetting straight out-of-pocket. And although she’s not making it a requirement to adopt the dogs, reimbursement in any amount is greatly appreciated to help recoup her expenses. Bottom line is, she just want them to have good forever home and lovingly putting her money where her mouth is. Please forward to all you animal loving friends and let the power of networking begin! I will help with contacts/transport if needed. These nice dogs need a home! You can contact me (Nick) at malvernhog@yahoo.com You can also contact Lucy Falcon at lfalcon@lockton.com Or you can contact barriodogs directly (link above).
  5. So, the girls and I headed out for the family's place tonight (San Antonio); van loaded full of clothes and Christmas presents and dog crates and dogs etc etc. We got about 45 miles and the front (the one that's been deviling California) hit. As traffic slowed to 30 mph, except for idiots trying to drive normal speeds--and going into the ditch), my NEW wiper blades started to disintegrate. I made an executive decision to turn around and go home; try again tomorrow. When we got back here, it was POURING. Everybody (including me) got soaked to the skin getting from the car to the door. So, what I started this post with is, "Nothing says Christmas quite like the smell of "Wet dog"! I figured y'all would understand that one! Merry Christmas from Lucy, Ethel, Bessie, and me, from Houston, everybody!
  6. Congratulations to all of you, that's a great story about a beautiful girl.
  7. I can relate to all of these. When i was unemployed, the dogs were my only source of comfort and friendship (and fun). When Mother died, they did the bit where they very quietly sat all around me and pressed up against me. Didn't bark, didn't try for petting, snax, anything---just sat quietly with me. It's so funny when I holler, "Get in the van!" and they race to my van and hop into their "house" (crates) to trustingly go wherever I take them... Interesting, this week I went to Dallas for business and stayed at a friend's. The girls hadn't been there in over a year, and have only been there two or three times overall. We went in and they immediately ran to the back door, wagging tails and wanting to go out.... They are a constant source of delight for me, and I wouldn't take a million dollars for each.
  8. This exactly. My little girls may shed, but they generally don't stink. One of the biggest problems I have as a Dad to BC's is that, having had BC's, I can now never have a stupid dog again. It would drive me crazy. I am now accustomed to talking to the dogs like humans and having them understand. I give them treats every day; Bessie at first was lunging and nipping at them to get them. Took me exactly two (2) treats to teach her "Gentle!" Two. Literally. She now very, very softly takes the treat from my fingers. It's amazing how fast they learn. I, too, fail to understand "doodlemania". Is it really that hard to sweep and vacuum?
  9. …is that the mere fact that the refrigerator door is opened is not necessarily an indicator that treats for them are forthcoming.... …is that a queen-sized bed will only hold so many large creatures… …is that armrests on chairs are for resting arms upon; when an arm is thusly placed, it is not necessarily there because it needs a border collie nose on it… …is that leather recliners are for people, not border collies… …is that the dogs in the next yard will be there tomorrow, too… …is that vacuum cleaners, in and of themselves, are not fatal to border collies… …is that a 60 pound border collie, when applied suddenly, unexpectedly, and exuberantly to the midsection of a middle-aged man snoozing in a recliner can cause spillage of drink, breakage of computer and a sudden change from baritone to soprano… …is that yelling because your team scored a touchdown is not the same as yelling because your border collie pottied on the carpet… …is that loud, raucous, welcoming barking, tail-wagging, and running around upon the entry of “Dad” never fails to bring a smile to Dad’s face, no matter how tough his day has been.
  10. Disgusting indeed. The coolio thing to do around here (I live in the city) is to prowl the neighborhood looking for homes that have a Border Collie, Aussie, Springer, Pointer, Lab, etc (nice dogs), steal them from the back yards while the owners are away or inattentive---and use the dogs as "bait" to teach their pit bulls how to kill another dog. If I ever catch someone messing with my dogs---I have a .357 and they will not see another sunrise. There are SOME advantages to living in Texas; I'd never be convicted.
  11. Ditto. The very first one I had (for a very small dog) was the cord type; I had it about a month and bought a tape type. I don't have any problems with them. The problems I have are, as in another thread, the stupid dog owners who have their dogs off-leash in public---and have no control over them.
  12. Damn, wish I had written that! As it is, I'll just have to say, "Bravo, Mary!"
  13. I'm originally from Malvern, Arkansas. When the internets first reared its ugly head, I started posting on a Razorbacks sports board. We all chose place names + "Hog", so I was MalvernHog (as opposed to BatesvilleHog, ConwayHog, RussellvilleHog, etc). Several of us, having posted together on the internet, decided to meet for a tailgate party before a game. This led eventually to the formation of the WebHogs Razorback Club, which I served as Founding Vice President, then President. We hosted tailgate parties for 200+ people, all of whom met on the internet. It was funny, because you'd go up to someone and say, "Hi, I'm Joe Blow" and they'd have that blank look on their face, like, "OMG, I'm supposed to know this person and I don't." I'd then say, "MalvernHog" and they'd say, "OH, HI! I'm whoeverhog!" So some of them couldn't remember my real name, but they could remember MalvernHog. But MalvernHog is a mouthful and is sort of more formal? Malvie. I've got many good friends now who call me Malvie. The young ones call me "Uncle Malvie". Lucy, Ethel, and Bessie just call me "Dad". Update on Bessie: her heartworm treatment is going great! She had some rather amazing bouts with diarrhea the first little bit, but the vet gave me some stuff that nipped it, and now she seems like her old self. Only 3 more weeks to go and I can let her out in the back yard without a leash.
  14. If dogs were meant to fly they'd have wings.... (sorry, it was just lying there....couldn't help myself). Seriously, my dogs will never fly. If I go somewhere and take them, it's in the car. If I'm flying, they will stay at home with a sitter. I don't like subjecting MYSELF to the airlines, much less my poor innocent girls. Flying these days is awful.
  15. I'll add my $0.02; he's a handsome (and lucky) fellow! Welcome!
  16. I've been using Comfortis for 4 years now and have noticed no ill effects whatsoever in the dogs. They feel much better because they have no fleas; I feel much better because *I* have no fleas in the house or on me; the vet feels much better because he has my ca$h. Everybody wins something.
  17. I've been happier since I switched from Firefox to Chrome.
  18. I'll make this as mild as I can.... This thread makes me mad. Look, OP (Original Poster): Look on the main page of this board and look down from "General Border Collie Discussion". You'll see a thread on "Dogs Available for Rescue". I rescue dogs. I had a beautiful dog posted for months and nobody wanted her. (She's now mine, so not available). Go to a shelter and find a wonderful pet. Doesn't even have to be a BC. Could be a "little brown dog". My office is down the street from B.A.R.C. in Houston. I can't go over there, I just can't. All those sweet, wonderful dogs who have (in Houston) 48 hours to be adopted or put down (that means, somebody gives them an injection of lethal drugs which stops their heart and kills them; often, their last thought is that someone held them down and stuck a syringe in their leg, extremely painful. They are then unceremoniously dumped in an open pit. There are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of wonderful, loving pets put down in this country every year, pets who would make you a wonderful companion. Papers? No. I have three Border Collies (see pictures). I don't have papers on any of the three, but they are definitely Border Collies. They are loving, loyal, sweet, funny, goofy, and my constant companions. I love them completely, and they love me completely. To tell the unvarnished truth (which a large glass of Canadian Club has helped with), last year I contemplated suicide. One of the things that stopped me was the thought, "What would happen to my sweet little dogs?" (That's over, no need for concern, it was a low point in my life). Get over yourself, you don't need papers. You need to find a nice dog that's got a limited lifespan and save that dog; trust me, the dog KNOWS you have saved him/her. Supporting unscrupulous breeders like the CL variety---just increases the number of poor, bewildered dogs in shelters. As I said, I've made this as nice as I can make it. I think I'll have another CC/rocks, I have taken tomorrow as a vacation day. My 86 year old Dad is coming to visit, and we are going to take the dogs to Galveston and walk along the beach with them.
  19. It's "Mr." and thanks, Mr. McCaig. I like La Quinta; their rewards program mounts up rapidly and their points don't expire; they usually have decent accomodations, their rooms don't stink (!), and if you are early enough and nice enough you usually get a no-smoking but pet-friendly room on the ground floor near the back. They are Lucy and Ethel approved (Bessie joined the family after I stopped traveling).
  20. Everyone's already left, but I'll put in my $0.02 anyway. My dogs have been to every football stadium in the Southeastern Conference (Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt), as well as the College World Series in Omaha, the Capital One Bowl, the SEC Championship game (Atlanta), the SEC baseball tournament (Birmingham), and various other sports venues (they are very sporty dogs...they insist on dragging me to all these sporting events, and once there, I have to go in...). I bought the minivan specifically to haul dogs and tailgate supplies. They are happiest in their crates. I take their food from home in a plastic container from W-M bought for that purpose (it contains exactly 1 bag of their dogfood, which is now Purina One; I was feeding Canidae but it gave them the runs and they shed worse; they do fine on the Purina One and it's available all over the USA). I don't mess with water from home, but I take several of the big bottles of Ozarka with me (I like it better than tap water) and they drink it, too with no ill effects. I use a product (during the summer) called Comfortis. They are flea-free and stay that way. No ill effects for them from the drug (the only ill effect is on my bank account). The only thing I've come to fear on the road are the aforementioned sand burrs in the west, and the fleas and ticks at the truckstops (and occasionally the hotel rooms) in the east. Hence the Comfortis. I also carry a copy of their shot records. I specifically agree with Lenajo's comment about not letting them out every time I get out. I get out about once an hour (I drink a lot of water on the road, so I have to stop a lot). They get out every 3-4 hours. If you let them out every time you get out, they expect it. They don't like switchbacks and they don't like stop-and-go traffic; otherwise, they just lie down and sleep. They've been with me so long that the command, "Get in the van!" works great. Bessie has learned that the blue van is her friend. I am having to take her out on a leash while she's having her heartworm shots; she goes up to the van (in the driveway) and sniffs the tailgate. Every day. Some great ideas in this thread I had NOT thought of and I will be incorporating them. La Quinta is pet-friendly chain-wide. The "Inns and Suites" are nicer than the "Inns" (which are the old motels) but honestly, I've never had a bad experience there. They are very nice about the dogs. I try to be considerate and shush the dogs while we're in there. Not travel related, but dog-related: We're having trouble with burglaries in the area (teenagers needing drug money). These two teens were trying to kick in this lady's door (in my neighborhood), WHILE SHE WAS AT HOME, but they were frightened away by her barking dogs. Let's see, Brinks bill $35/month, dogfood $40 a month....but then there are vet bills and the unfortunate hair on the floor situation---as opposed to love and affection---hmmm, best burglar alarms you can have!
  21. Welcome! Congrats to handsome Kevin and his new family! (as for the other stuff: we all started on the board at some time or another. Post away and don't be shy. And we all like handsome, fun, active Border Collies).
  22. One word: C-R-A-T-E. My dogs think of theirs as their "house". I tell them, "Get in your house" every morning and they run right in there and hop right in (each in her own "house").
  23. I'm pulling for you (and the little fella) to get together. My BC's are "just pets" but I would really like to see this work out for all concerned. Good luck to both!
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