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What type of Frisbee do you use?

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My almost 9 month old boy is showing a lot of interest in playing frisbee. We are currently using the hard plastic one that someone has left at the dog park for everyone to use. Since it is winter now and we won't be able to travel to do herding lessons, I figured I would try something new with him that is catching his interest and allows him to burn off some of that puppy steam... :P What sort of disc do those of you that do disc dog use? Thanks!!!


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We aren't a "disc dog" family, but I'm a big fan of Chuckit discs: http://www.amazon.com/Chuckit-Amphibious-Flying-Ring-Colors/dp/B001AQZDSW . They throw pretty well, they float, and they don't develop the sharp spots that will develop from tooth imprints that can cut a dog's mouth . Duncan went swimming after one every morning for a month this past summer, and it didn't show a bit of wear after all that hard use.


A word of caution, though: the growth plates may not yet have closed in a nine-month-old pup. Be careful not to let him jump too much.

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You can't go wrong with Jawz by Hyperflight. Luke has as hard a bite as any dog I know and his Jawz disc is at least four years old. A plastic frisbee is destroyed in one session with him.


Zak George turned me on to discs from Discovering the World. www.dtworld.com He used to talk about them all the time on his videos -- And if you enter "ZAK" in the discount code, you get 10% off your order.


I bought the Eurablend discs from DTWorld -- Their version of Jaws. They fly nice and are holding up great.


Jaws discs are just slightly heavier and fly just a little nicer, IMO.

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Lots of options for dog-safe mouth-friendly discs. The three big companies that sell "competition" dog discs are Hero Disc USA, Hyperflite, and DTWorld. You can google any of them to order online. I like the DTWorld fastbacks for throwability, but if durability is your most important criteria, check out the SuperHero, Eurablend, and Jawz (respectively, by company). The Hero Xtra is another option for a very throwable disc with a bit more added durability than a typical fastback.


ETA: Whatever you use, stay away from the 99 cent Petsmart discs and discs made for humans. The Petsmart discs crack and shatter and can cause injury and most of the human discs are too hard.


Good luck!

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