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  1. Jax is a great dog with the exception of a few situations. Whenever I have a treat for him, if I am every near his face (i.e. onthe ground with him) and he gets close to me, he starts to show his teeth and gets very anxious. Its obviously very nervious anxiety as his ears go back fast and he lowers his head but teeth are blazing! The same thing happens when i am leaving and I put him in my room. If I ask for "kisses" before I leave, he gets super anxious and the teeth come out. Its only in those situations though. if I am on the floor playing during the day or at night, no issues. its j
  2. no and thats the weird part. we hear it the most on soft carpet. we are dumbfounded (doesnt take much)!
  3. Hello all. Jax has been clicking and popping every time he walks. We thought it was his hips as he does have a mild case of HD but the vet took xrays and could not reproduce the sound. She said his hips where not that bad and should not click the way we described. His clicking was happening 6 out of 10 steps which was alarming to us. We after watching him walk back and forth and trying to figure it out, I decided to see if it was his nails that were making the noise. I put socks (regular ankle socks) on his two front paws and the popping and clicking went away! After my wife and I stopp
  4. if you are looking to be a non competitive disc dogger, any disc that will last the longest for your dog but also fly straight and evenly. If you are serious about being competitive, hyperflight discs are typically used in competition and are extremely good discs.
  5. reaching out to all the people in MA and NH. Anyone know of a good vet in Northern MASS to take Jax. Jax has mild HD and the vet I am going to know rubs me the wrong way. I want to know what I am doing with him is what is best. I currently live in the Reading, MA area. Thanks!
  6. can anyone explain the difference between Dausaquan Soft Chews w and w/out MSM? Which is better? My vet doesnt sell the MSM version. PS - Jax stuck his nose in my running shoe to get his ball out that bounced in it and got it stuck. he was running around the room with my stinky shoe. I almost fell out of the chair laughing so hard.
  7. Jax is on glucosamine supplements for his mild HD. His hips continue to crack and pop while he walks but my vet seems not to be concerned. My question is to you all....what type of glucosamine supplements do you all use? Have you found any to be better then the others? Any and all opinions would be great! thanks
  8. Jax has the same issue. He clicks and pops when he walks and "bunny hops" at a slow run. We took him to the vet to get the clicking checked out and the vet had him run towards him. He said it was HD for sure. Xrays determined that it was very mild and that the balls on his hips didn’t form a perfect circle thus rubbing a little creating the sound. we put him on fish oil and a joint supplement. the clicking is still there on occasion but other then that he lives a normal life. Exercise is key per the vet. we still play a lot of ball and Frisbee however limit his jumping!
  9. The worst thing you can do is to avoid excersise. Jumping is not something recomended but you need to keep your dog lean and fit which means as much excerside as possible! Its often suggested to give youe dog joint suppiment which can be bought through your vet or at a health store. You vet can advise what to give your dog. Bottom line, HD is not the end of the world.
  10. Jax does the same thing and we recently (within the last week) found from his first set of xrays that he does have a MILD case of HD. His hip joints were fine when palpated but he had the same bunny hop when running and a little clicking. Xrays cost $100 and well worth it! Probably not what you wanted to hear but we just went through it . HD is not the end of the world for dogs. They still have to be athletic and in shape so if it is the case, take it in strides. Jax still loves to play frisbee and chase his ball. he just cant jump for it!
  11. i wish Jax would like the water! I am in MA and we just dont get to any water on a consistant basis. otherwise he would probably be a duck!
  12. Is 1000 mg per 10lbs really accurate. that seems like a ton!
  13. I use Dausequan. Jax has been on it for about 2 weeks now. Havent really seen a difference but i was told its in the long term that I will see it. Kristen, what do you do to keep your dog in shape so well? Jax and I love playing fetch and thats typically what we do other then his daily walks that my wife takes him on. Do you have any other suggestions for building muscle mass?
  14. Jax is 39 lbs and the vet said to keep him at that weight or less and EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! No jumping but a lot of exercise which is fine as we love to through that ball and frisbee (low so he doesnt jump) He also shows no signs of discomfort. It was the clicking sound that made us bring him to the vet and down this path! We already give him glucosamine so all we need is the fish oil. So regular capsules of fish oil from the store is what is best?
  15. Jax was recently diagnosed with HD after we heard some "popping" from his joints. Xrays confirmed HD. Its very mild as the ball of both hips had flat spots and did not for in a perfect circle. He has great flexibility but needless to say he wont be the amazing frisbee dog or agility freak we once wanted. Oh well, as long as he live a healthy happy life I am good. The vet suggested many things however fish oil was one. He suggest regular human does is fine. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to buy? Are the regular health store bought capsules what we should consider? The vet suggest
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