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I am looking to get my dogs new collars. They currently have just the cloth like collars and boy do they stink!!! I've tried washing them and soaking them overnight in baking soda and water and also soap and water. Nothing works to get the stench out. :( I would like to get them some sort of collar that I won't have to deal with the stink! I know leather would be nice be when we move cows, they cross creeks and ditches, thus ruining the leather collars. Does anyone have any collars that are good for not getting stinky? Or any suggestions on how I can clean the ones I have?



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If I was you I'd get a plastic coated collar like these:






In the meantime, I would wash the collars with a small brush and something de-greasing (like dish soap), rinse well then soak in something antibacterial (like diluted bleach). That should remove the gunk and kill the bacteria making it stink.


Mine don't get to traverse ditches that often (although they would love to!) but I do wash them with dish soap whenever I shampoo dogs to remove body oils and let them dry in the sun. I find they don;t retain teh doggy odor that way.

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I have gotten some from Bill Boatman's website, the center ring coated collars. They last, come with the four-line riveted nametag, are inexpensive, and stand up to all sorts of dirt (which can be pretty nasty on a farm with cattle and assorted wildlife that pass through) with easy cleaning.


There are other sources for similar collars, including Allen Hickenbottom's wife, who makes very nice ones. I can get you the contact info if you'd like.


Just make sure you know how to measure - some suppliers measure their collars somewhat differently from others so you want to know how they do that and how they like you to measure the dog.


I also have nylon collars for "good" use, but haven't put them on in years as these hold up, stay clean (or are easily cleaned), and are just fine for everyday use.


Best wishes!

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A good quality leather collar is about the best, and I'm not saying that because I make them :lol:


When we bought Jake 4 years ago he had a new plastic coated collar on him, we still have it but it has cracked through at the holes where it was buckled and is in pretty rough shape. The leather collars that we use that are older are still in great shape, one just moved to a different dog after being on the original for 11 years. The key is the leather quality. Most of the leather collars that are available at the stores are low grade leather and almost melt in water. Ours love water, it doesn't hurt them.


JJ loves getting his collar encrusted with cow poop, I just take it off and throw it in a bucket of water and wipe it off and put it back on JJ (after JJ get's rinsed off with the hose). He's wearing a recyled one from an old dog too, might be on our website 2" wide with Clyde on it.


Find a saddle maker or harness maker in your area and you can get a good one made. We get $15.00 for harness leather hunt and sport collars (ring in the center). www.waynescustomleather.com go to the custom leather page and then click on collars.




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I have a bridle-leather lead that is now on its 5th dog. But it's hemp collars for me. I have two exactly alike with boomerang tags. My dog gets wet too much for a leather collar to be practical. It's seawater, too.

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I like Lupines, mostly because I like the colors.


I throw them in the washing machine periodically. I put them in one of those mesh washing bags and wash them on the delicate cycle. I use regular laundry detergent and a bit of Oxyclean.


This keeps them very clean.


One thing, though - I don't leave collars on my dogs all the time (I know that's a debated topic, but the fact is that I don't). So, that might have something to do with the fact that they stay clean. Anytime we go away on vacation or something and the dogs wear the collars all the time for a week or so, I wash them when I get home.


I'm not sure how they would hold up if the dogs were out in wet weather with them on more often.

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