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  1. It is often considered a blessing when pups don't turn on till later. You don't end up having to catch them up out of pens, paddocks, or pastures when they are running their little legs off while chasing or harassing stock. If my pups would wait till their 8 month birthday I'd be very pleased! dave
  2. Just a taste of the three trials. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/2016trialseries Moments from Gordon Watt at the USBCHA Finals, Shauna Gourley at Meeker, and Scott Glen at the Bluegrass... https://vimeo.com/184970211
  3. All of the videos are up and available either through Vimeo or by flash drive.
  4. Either on Vimeo.com as a year long subscription or on a 256gb flash drive the 2016 the following package will be available: Bluegrass Double Lift Finals Meeker Classic semi-finals and Double Lift Finals USBCHA National Finals Semi-Finals and Double Lift Finals. The entire package on a flash drive for $85 or on Vimeo.com for $45 Each event will be available individually on a flash drive for $45 as well. For more information: http://www.catbirdvideo.com/#!2016-working-dog-trial-series/pazea or reach out to: dave@catbirdvideo.com Cheers, dave
  5. it would seem to me that a judge might be hesitant to walk through his/her logic for public consumption. Whether right, wrong, or logically determined, there will always be folks finding fault. Not what the guidelines say, not my interpretation of the guidelines, etc. the judge's job being to find the best dog of the day... sometimes how they get there might be a mystery. i had a gentleman i respect very much judge one of my runs from a video as part of a clinic. just after dinner Saturday night. it was a great exercise. i loved it because it was the one and only time i had the opportunity to argue with the judge about what we were seeing and the guidelines. participants loved it as well. wonderful opportunity. but it was also a closed environment where any and all questions could be asked and answered with lots of discussion and opportunity for mutual understanding and respect. Things often quickly lost in online discussion. it takes a brave soul to put their run up for display which is why i will only post runs folks would be proud of. or my own i have pretty thick skin. but in these videos it isn't just the dog work and handling on display but also the handler's thoughts, feelings, goals, objectives... the handler is really putting him/herself out there. i think they are a great idea and a tremendous learning opportunity but i also believe i need to tread carefully down this path. all that said i'm happy for the positive and supportive response! cheers, dave
  6. Bridget Strang and I met up in Oregon last winter for a little project. She was kind enough to narrate her qualifying run for the 2015 National Finals for me. Did it in one take. Bridget was amazing. Only challenge was the rain... we were in a shop with a tin roof which is very clear with the background noise. Sorry! I'm wondering how many folks would be interested in seeing this kind of offering in the future? https://vimeo.com/172313581 Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi Everyone, The first entry to the 2016 Working Dog Trial Series is now up and available. The 22 runs from the Bluegrass Double Lift Finals. Great field, top hands, wonderful learning opportunity. Don't Miss OUT!!!! cheers, dave https://vimeo.com/ondemand/2016trialseries
  8. Hi Everyone, The first entry to the 2016 Working Dog Trial Series is now up and available. The 22 runs from the Bluegrass Double Lift Finals. Great field, top hands, wonderful learning opportunity. Don't Miss OUT!!!! cheers, dave https://vimeo.com/ondemand/2016trialseries
  9. 2016 WORKING DOG TRIAL SERIES BLUEGRASS CLASSIC NCA NATIONAL FINALS MEEKER CLASSIC USBCHA SHEEPDOG FINALS Catbird Video Productions is excited to present the 2016 Working Dog Trial Series! Video capture of the best dogs from four of the top Border Collie events in the United States. We will travel around the country this summer and video the Semi-Finals and Finals of each event making them available to competitors, aficionados, and fans throughout the world. The Semi-Finals and Finals from each event will be captured and made available through an online subscription or flash drive. Cost for all four events will be $45 through online subscription. All four events on a drive... still working this out. Individual events will be $25 each through online subscription Individual events will be $45 on a flash drive Handlers!!! If you will be running at one of these events and want your preliminary run(s) captured, let me know! To order your videos of these great events contact: Dave@catbirdvideo.com www.catbirdvideo.com 360.280.5597
  10. you might start here. http://www.isds.org.uk/
  11. PEOPLE!!!!! The man is a legend in his own time!!!! Incredible handler, fantastic trainer, wonderful instructor, even better human being. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with him. dave imas
  12. We will start out reading pressure and learning how to move stock back online during a fetch in the morning then take these skills and translate them to the cross drive in the afternoon. This will also help us when we have the opportunity for a dog leg fetch. Very exciting! Limited to 10 handlers Run as many dogs as you like Cost: $125 daveimas@gmail.com 360.280.5597 Cheers, dave
  13. I actually do know Vicki and Norm Close very well and would, do, and will recommend them to folks for training without a moment of hesitation. I have purchased dogs from them, sent dogs to them for training, trained with both of them on their property and enjoyed their company. I can't speak to the incident reported above but I find it highly suspect and completely out of character for the people that I know. dave imas
  14. I don't know if it matters or if there is another association but the Washington association that I'm familiar with is: Washington Association of Stockdog Handlers WASH http://www.wastockdoghandlers.org/
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