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On April 12th, 2000, I brought home a 10 month old cattle dog/border collie cross from the local shelter. She had a crazy first 10 months - I was her 4th home and adopted her moments before a decision was to be made about euthanasia due to kennel psychosis, but I had fallen in love with her while volunteering and had managed to convince my parents that we needed a second dog. I was 15.


Over the past ten years Maggie has changed the course of my life drastically. When I adopted her I wanted to be a vet, maybe in the orthopedic specialty. After our first 3 years of intense training and re-socialization and my crossover to positive reinforcement based training I decided that animal behavior was my calling instead.


Maggie has been with me through some of the biggest life events one can have: leaving home for college, an internship in the DC area for 8 weeks, moving 500 miles away from home for my dream job here in SC, finding my human soulmate and marrying him, the addition of two more dogs and a cat, and soon even accompanying DH and I on another big move and the purchase of our first house.


She's been my "do anything dog", trying her paw at competition obedience, agility, herding, therapy dog, and service dog skills and she has taught (and continues to teach) me soooooo much. She has been my most challenging animal and also the most intelligent and she will always be my heart dog.


Thank you Maggie for a wonderful 10 years and here's to at least 10 more with my Amazing Maggie Mae!


Pic from this morning while I was cleaning the yard and Maggie was "supervising" lol:


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She sounds like my Hannah (got her when I was 16 and she's 12 now - been with me through college, moving away, marrying hubby etc) and she also doesn't look like an old dog either! From the pic, you can't notice any greying or anything on her (mind you that might be partly due to her coloring)

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She certainly does age gracefully: her coloring hides greying except in the mask spots - she's got a few more white hairs there, but nothing too obvious. The vet hasn't found any arthritis yet!

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