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eating grass

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SOMETIMES dogs eat grass if they have an upset tummy (not that they are "sick", just a tummy ache).


But other times they eat grass for extra nutrition (hey, it works for sheep right? :rolleyes: ). So if you dog eats a lot of grass you might want to think about changing foods to something that gives them, more. Also, don't let your dog eat ANY grass that isn't in your yard. Any kind of fertilizer, weed killer, etc that might be on your neighbor?s yard or at the park could hurt your dog - hurt your dog REALLY bad. So be careful.

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Jester actually grazes. He walks along cropping and eating grass just like a.....well....um.....(sheep) :rolleyes: It's pretty funny to watch. Never has thrown up afterward, either. I just make sure the grass he is eating hasn't been sprayed with any chemicals, is all.


A couple of my foster dogs have been grass eaters, too.

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Oh boy - eating grass! What the others have said.


My boy Fergus is a serious grazer - prefers young rye grass - which caused us to fail a Tracking Test a few weeks ago. His 800 yard track was in a paddock which had been ploughed and sown to pasture - mostly rye. The grass was obviously extremely yummy. He started to track - then gave that up and started to graze .. and graze .. and graze.... Took no notice of me, even when I tried physically to lift his head up and persuade him to get back to the business in hand. Needless to say, we failed - which was sad, since when his brain finally did drop back into gear, he did the last 600 yards or so of the track really well!


My previous boy, Sam, was a grazer as well - got pinged a few points in a stay one time for minor movement - yep, grazing.

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My Meg eats grass and hasn't had problems with it - she just seems to like the taste.


OTOH, a friend brought his lovely Spinone Italiano to the vet because the dog skipped a meal and obviously didn't feel well. The vet couldn't definitively diagnose a problem, yet the owner gave the go ahead for surgery. It turned out that Vinnie had a large green mass in his gut which would have killed him if he hadn't had the surgery.


I am now allowing a little grass eating, but I stop it if it goes on for a long time...

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