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prayers for Micky

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My parents had to put down our old red heeler "Micky" today. He was about 17 years old.

He was blind, and couldn't hear much either. We'll really miss him. He was a good dog.

Although he was pretty sick the last few months so we kind of knew it was coming. Our other dog knows something happened I think. She has been kind of weird all day. The vet said that he probably had cancer too. Please pray for him to be safe and run free again. Thanks you guys.


I love you Micky, rest in peace buddy.

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Aw man I'm so sorry. May your buddy Micky rest in peace, and be pain free and happy, running through the fields and chasing those bunnies on the other side.


(There are always plenty of bunnies to chase at the rainbow bridge)

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I am so sorry to hear that. its hard to think that they won't live as long as you :rolleyes:

at least he is no longer in any pain.

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I'm so sorry :rolleyes: . I can't even imagine what it must be like to have known a dog for 17(!) years.


Not being a Christian, I can't pray for him (and in my world, he's safe now anyway), but I'm sending my good thoughts to all those who miss him now.

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I am sorry to hear about Micky. We all know that our dogs won't be with us forever physically, but in our hearts they are never, ever gone.

It sounds like Micky was a much loved fellow. My condolences to all of you.


This poem was written by Joyce Stranger Wilson




There are shadows in my garden

That only I can see

The dogs so gaily playing

That once belonged to me


They run round in sunshine

They lie panting in the shade

They are racing through the hedges,

They are chasing through the glade.


They come to me at nightfall

They are lying by my chair

Yet, to other people,

There is only one dog there.

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Thanks you guys for all the thoughts and prayers. It means a lot. We really did love him (as hard headed as he was) :rolleyes:


That's funny, when we first moved here he used to chase the bunnies. He wouldn't hurt them but he loved running after them. He had a good life and we have a lot of memories. He was the one that broke my leg when I was little too. But thank you guys again for everything. God Bless

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