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Jax got his CGC today

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Good on ya! Sounds like you had a very thorough evaluator. My experiences with CGCs has been quite different. Seemed like anything that didn't bite or run off got passed. I'm glad somebody takes this seriously - although it sounded like your guy went a bit overboard.

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I posted this on Chaz too - you guys deserve major kudos and that trainer was waaay out of line. CGC is not supposed to be that complicated.



The distraction is supposed to be a large startling noise like dropped pencils in a case not a cool toy. I also dont understand the whole greet while allowing petting. Thats not on the test. I would want to know if that trainer was taking credit for your dogs good behavior.

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My girl, Lola has failed the test twice. she refuses to let a friendly stranger brush her. After reading your story I'm not sure that would have been her only failure. Sounds like the instructor was showing off for his students or trying to make the test look hard so they would think it worth it to pay for lessons.


On the bright side, during a Border Collie fun day last month, a CGC evaluator was giving the test in exchange for a donation to a rescue fund. Because the money was for a good cause I had my 13 month old herding dog take the test on a whim.


He passed! It's a good feeling for sure.

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Congratulations to Jax, and btw, belated congrats to Jin as well!


Lokisaab, my dog would not pass the brushing either, which drives me crazy. Especially because I can safely groom him and handle all his body parts and take him to the vet and do all those things that part of the test is supposed to test for. But if he sees a brush, he will break his stay and try to hide in a corner. You just have to go get him out of the corner and he will put up with it and even move on command so you can get different body parts (albeit with about the most pathetic expression you've ever seen). Even high value treats offered to him at this point will fall out of his mouth. When you're done, PARTY, whoo hoo!! :rolleyes: SUCH a drama queen. :D

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The evaluator was over the line in some areas but at the same time he was right. Jax should not break stay for a squeaking squirrel until he's told to do so. The trainer really tested my dog and gave Jax nothing he didn't earn 110%.


I could say that I would never have another CGC test done by this guy or I could say, this is the only CGC tester I would ever use. If just passing the test was the goal, I would never use this guy, if passing the test and "knowing" I have a rock solid dog was the goal, then this "is" the guy to use. The test walking through a crowd for example is supposed to be just a crowd people from what I understand. The Eval used 4 people and 4 dogs. If Jax was dog or people reactive it would have shown up right away.


It does feel good to have a CGC dog and not because he passed the test, but the predictable results you can expect when you're out in public with your dog.


Jax had the temperament for a CGC dog from day one, just not the training. My Aussie has the training but not the temperament. It's easier by a mile if they have the right temperament before you begin.


Jax getting his CGC is a testament to what a good dog Jax is "naturally". My Aussie getting her CGC would be a testament of how good of a trainer I am.


Jax getting his CGC is a big deal and I'm very j proud but my Aussie getting her CGC would be H-U-G-E.

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