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Fletcher - his WV home didn't work out

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Fletch is coming back. This sucks all the way around. I was so happy that he had an intelligent owner who would enjoy working with him, obedience, mind games and things were working out well enough, until Fletcher began to bark while his owner was at work. He works about 5 hours a day and neighbor's began to complain.


I told him from the get go, it's in the contract, as it is for any of my dogs that if for any reason the dog doesn't work out, I'll take them back.


But I feel so bad for Fletcher because he's waited a long time for a home.


Sigh. I'm really bummed out about now. Fletch was really enjoying the single dog life, going to dog parks where he made some friends, for walks and playing games at home.


What a frickin' bummer.

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I know just how you feel! Lucy and Missy were with me for about a year, and they got adopted together. 5 weeks later were brought back for "attacking small dogs. Never did that at my home, but anyway, there were more issues than that. A few months later they each found forever homes and are doing great 1 1/2 years later! Don't give up, Fletch will find his home!

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Is there anything that can be done to train the dog out of barking...if he does it in the new home, will he'll do it in another? Perhaps the adoptive owner has a friend or relative who could stop in half way through the day to check on him and relieve him of the stress of being alone.


Our Brodie is a "barker" when you leave him alone, so I"d be glad of any tips as well. We have no neighbors so its not an issue, but I'd like to quiet him down for my own piece of mind.



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I suggested a bark collar. I have no problems with them if it means the difference between home and homeless. There are other issues as well --- and please don't read into that statement that the issues are with Fletch. They're not. So yes, I'll take him back --- I write that into the contract --- so I'm happy in that respect, but this boy so needs someone to give him one on one attention which I just can't do right now, so I consider it a big step back for him because apparently, he was really beginning to thrive. It's only been a week since he left, so coming back to where he still considers home shouldn't be that much of an upheaval for him, but with other dogs, I'm not the one who can bring him to his full potential and he deserves no less.


Just really bummed out right now.

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