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Happy Birthday, Lizzie

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Lizzie is 5 years old today!


And that doesn't seem possible :rolleyes: Doesn't seem like we've been together for 5 whole years. She's a special dog, she was my first dog, she was the one who got me interested in dog training and agility, she was the one who went to my first training classes with me. She was the one who, even with every thing I did wrong with her (and Lord knows it was alot), she didn't let all the wrong stop her, she is a good dog and taught me alot. She's the only dog that we can both look deep into each others eyes and I see complete love and trust. Even though she doens't give 100% back to me, theres something about her that makes you come back to her everytime.


Happy 5 years, Izzy Girl.









The only puppy pictures I have of her - I know, bad of me for not taking more!


In her puppy crate, that has been used for 3 other pups now. You can see she's so young that her tail isn't even fluffy yet.





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Sophie's birthday was yesterday (or at least that's the day I decided was her birthday after I found her nine years ago).


Yeah, we aren't actually sure of her real date since she's a rescue. I just did some simple calculations baised on how old the shelter said she was. :rolleyes: Happy belated birthday to Sophie!

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Happy Birthday, Lizzie! :D


Since Daisy's a rescue too, I'm not sure of her exact birthday, but she's basically the same age as Lizzie. And Blaze and Juno are the same age by one day, right?


Haha, yup, isn't Juno Feb. 11th? Blaze is the 10th. :rolleyes:

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