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  1. I would definitely agree that my Aussies have been more "guardy". They've definitely been the first to bark at strangers and Sonic went berserk when the mailman came onto the porch. However, I never saw the rough housing that others have mentioned. Hinckley and Sonic (the first two Aussies), though, were kind of like two only dogs in the same household. They never played together and after their initial tussles over who was alpha, they didn't really interact. Tessie (the Aussie I have now) spends all her time herding Cobi (the BC) and other dogs at the beach and has little interest in any sort
  2. I thought that was the case, but when I googled I couldn't find anything to tell me that. So thank you. I will rest easy until the delivery comes.
  3. Two days ago was Tessie's day for HW preventative, but when I went to get it off the counter, it was gone. I upended the house looking for the packet of tablets, but I suspect it slipped either behind the refrigerator or stove. I've ordered more and put priority delivery on the shipment, but are we okay until it comes? She's been on monthly HW preventative since I got her in January... will a few days put her at risk?
  4. I agree that for pet purposes they are pretty much interchangeable. I've had three Aussies and one BC. ALL of them have been intelligent, biddable, and affectionate, but each dog had his/her own quirks and charms that make it virtually impossible to recommend one breed over the other.
  5. I'm a boring doggy parent, it seems. Cobi & Tess get their regular food, plus liver treats while training, but that's about it. I've offered some fresh fruit but Cobi's not all that excited about it. And the other day, when I dropped a potato chip on the floor, he sniffed it and walked away. Which might explain why he's skinny and I'm not.
  6. Tessie and Cobi sendin' mojo Pan's way!
  7. Tessie usually goes on top of wherever Cobi marks, so she's lifted her leg against the fence or tree if it's inconvenient to squat.
  8. Cobi is a very smart boy. He learns very quickly and the other day at the beach he even displayed some behavior that suggests he used a bit of reasoning. Then other times... Last night, he licked a hot light bulb.
  9. Good job, Cody! We just had something similar to that happen today at the beach. My friend and I met up with our dogs, hers a wire fox terrier mix called Sunny. There was one particular dog who would just not leave Sunny alone. When she'd pick him up, the bully dog would try to jump up to get at Sunny...until Cobi came flying up, growling and teeth gnashing, and sent the bully running. He and Sunny got along really well, so it was almost like "Hey, you! Leave my friend alone!"
  10. You don't let your dogs drive?!? I'm in the opposite camp when it comes to crates. I have nothing at all against them--we used one with Sonic for many years--but my dogs ride in the way back of the Rover, and I love having my pack curled up beside the bed at night. It comforts me.
  11. I don't know anything about a dog feet thread, but it's true! My daughter and I always say Cobi has Frito feet.
  12. I like the way Cobi smells, too. His foster mom washed him with a great smelling rinse before I adopted him, but that was two weeks ago and he still smells nice. Even in the spots that don't smell like the rinse. It's very different than my other dogs.
  13. Never mind. (Also, I don't know how to delete it, so if someone would, that would be lovely, thanks.)
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