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  1. We need all the help we can get - voting ends tonight, so if you've got the time, please, vote!
  2. I rely on seeing her at the bridge again some day. She's my heart dog, and always will be. I miss her so much every single day, but Psyche has been a real life saver. I'd say she's second in line for my heart dog. I love the hat picture too, I was really happy with not only that she'd wear it to let me snap a picture, but also elated with the quality of it too.
  3. Thanks guys! And sorry for any trouble anyone's having with it.
  4. Grr. We've had so much trouble trying to get likes. In the first link, you'd have to scroll down until about December 10th when you'd see the picture of Psyche posted on the wall, and from there you should be able to like it, but unless you're my friend on facebook, you have to like the first link, "Pawsative Rewards".
  5. I entered Psyche in a photo contest on Facebook a while back. It's through a local pet store that we love, and the winner gets a basket of goodies and a gift certificate for the store. All I had to do was enter a photo and then try to get the most likes. Well, she's entered and voting ends tomorrow at midnight my time. We're quite behind right now. Leading dog is at 122 and Psyche's at 106. So we're vote begging... I mean, come on, don't you want to see a Border Collie win against a small dog? So if you've got the time, it'd be great if you could lend a helping hand - I'll post lots and lots of Psyche pictures if you do! If you're not my friend on facebook you'll have to go to this page and like this page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pawsative-Rewards/113855095314506 From there you can scroll down until you see this picture: Or you can follow this direct link: Once you're there, hit "Like" under the large picture of Psyche playing in the snow to cast your vote. Thanks! Psyche really appreciates your help!
  6. Sorry guys, I haven't been around in ages. Not sure if any of you eve remember me. The last time I was on this forum I would have had my Border Collie, Psyche, my German Shepherd, Bella, and my Mini Aussie, Zoey. Things are still mostly the same, except for I lost Bella September 17th, 2010. She had had some mental issues (random acts of aggression towards other dogs (outside of our pack) first, and then two years ago they started towards our pack, and after nearly killing two of our dogs three times (and rehoming the first one, thinking it was only an issue with that one dog)) we talked to vets and they told us that there wasn't much more we could do, short of drugging her and keeping her in a zombie like state all the time, so I made the very tough choice to put my heart dog to sleep. I miss Bella every single day, but thank god I've had Psyche. She's been my life saver. As for my Psycherdoo, she's doing great. She's competing in agility and helping out around the farm with the sheep (though no the conventional way - as of now it's more of a being around me, and listening with sheep around). She has stuck through my side through all of my mood swings and depression since losing Bella, and I'm so grateful to her for that. She's an amazing dog. And Little Zoey... well, Zoey got the brute of Bella's last outburst of aggression, so we're taking it slow. When Bella attacked her she did a lot of damage. A lot of torn up skin in her neck, belly, and one back leg. She was lame for a month or two and is just now putting weight on it normal again, but there's still something funny about her stride. She seems like she can't extend one leg back as far as the other and we figure it's because there was torn muscle that grew back just a little shorter. Because of this we've cut back on her agility and she's just enjoying being spoiled. Anyway, an updated picture of each: Psyche with my shark hat on. Zoey sassing! And Bella and I on our last day together. So, there's the general update. I'm going to try and stick around this time, honest.
  7. Oh, there will be video - FOR SURE! Of all of her runs, lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2x2 method... A lot... I'm going to train Bella (GSD) with the same method, and help mom later on with her pup with it aswell.
  8. She's actually a lot faster then I'm used to! I really enjoy running her. She's very intune with my body signals and language. Sometimes makes her harder to run but it's been a learning experience.
  9. I'll trade you some notasintense for some more intense. Haha
  10. It's been awhile since I've been around and been posting, but I got Psyche in March, and she started her agility training in May. She's now doing all obstacles (including 12 weave poles), and she's doing quite well for my having had her for less then a year. Her first trial is set up to be in May, and I'm pretty confident. We still have a lot to work on, sure, but I feel like she and I will be able to go out there and have fun! Here's the latest video of her 12 weave poles. She was trained using the 2x2 method, and I can't see myself training with another method any time soon. I love what I got out of it - with this being my first 2x2 dog. Clips from awhile back: And my youtube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/AgilityPup Just thought I'd post an update - I'm pretty pleased with her, and where she's going. Not as intense as some, but more then I'm used to.
  11. So it looks like Psycherdog is going to be a SAR Dog! I e-mailed them, and they e-mailed back, and are looking forward to my coming out to the seminar. Maybe if they do another next year, Bella will try it out. Either way, I'll bring what I learn home to work with Bella on.
  12. I found this ad: http://fredericton.kijiji.ca/c-pets-other-...QAdIdZ161516788 And I'm seriously considering going to it... I saw it and thought I'd take Bella, for something for her to do, but because they clearly say on the site that they'd have to work around other dogs, loose, I don't think it's a good idea. I am, however, considering taking Psyche. The price isn't bad, at all, and I'd like to go, because it's something I find interesting, and have always wished was going on here, around me. Think it's a good idea? I could take Psyche, learn what they're teaching, and bring it back to teach Bella. It looks REALLY cool. I really want to go. Anyone want to come to Fredericton, NB and come with me?
  13. She makes the wait for my border collie worth it. I'm so happy with her.
  14. Psyche turned a year old the first week of October (they weren't sure the exact date). I can't believe it! She's looking really nice. Turning into a nice dog. I find she has the body of a Border Collie, and the mind set of one too! Her ears are the only thing that shows she's a cross, if you ask me. Those floppy hound ears! As far as training, it's coming very nice. Both agility and obedience. I'm considering herding for her, since despite her mix breed, she's very keen on the sheep around the farm and shows a lot of instinct. I'm going to have to teach her myself, since no one here offers classes or help, but I'm going to start reading up and buying books and DVDs. Bella and Zoey may also try, too. She's been through 4, I think, grades of agility, and is zooming through them. She gets along great with all the dogs, and she's a perfect fit to our family! Happy birthday, Baby. Here's to MANY more!
  15. Wow, she's looking great! Very small, and looks like a total doll. I'm happy you decided to bring her home. I wish you good luck with her.
  16. Yeah, good enough reason, I suppose - but I'll have to keep thwarting her chances because I am NOT having mutt puppies.
  17. Diane, I suppose I was setting up for crazy, but I love her name. She hasn't done it since - lets hope it's not a re-occuring thing.
  18. Psyche's in standing heat right now, so she and Morrie have been trading who needs to be crated and when, and this morning while Morrie was in his crate, he started barking and whining, like he does *rolls eyes*, and all of a sudden I hear this terrible howling in addition to Morrie's barking... Psyche's a howler. Who knew?
  19. I feel you. I'm not much of a lab person. I like herding breeds and Pitt Bulls.
  20. But you know, Jennifer, I bet that Blazie boy likes her a lot... And you could add a lab... Then you'd have the Jennifer version of Shay's Misfits... And she could do dock diving, and duck retreiving, and obedience, and and and and and... Probably flyball, too! Would your parents let you keep her?
  21. You never know, Lizmo, the vet tech may go home and think it over and make an exception even though 'now isn't the time'.
  22. It may have to do with age, like Liz said. My Zoey was introduced to water that wasn't bath water at 4 years old - I have never had any desire to have a water dog. She will wade into it, when she wants to, and for as long as she wants to. Bella was introduced to water (that wasn't from a hose) at around 1 1/2 years old, and she loves to wade, and when I tried swimming with her, she hated it. (But swam from out 4 feet in the lake back to the sand) Now, however, that I've given it a rest, she's starting to go out deeper and deeper into the pond, on her own accord. Now, Psyche was my youngest to get introduced to water - at 5 months she met the pond, and because Bella loved it, she did too. She likes water, likes the bath tub, and is even warming up to the hose. The other day I took her to the river, and because it's a river and I'm scared to death of leeches, I didn't go in, so I just threw a stick (she loves sticks) into the water, and by the end of the 15mins of play in the water, she was wading out VERY deep to near swimming. I'm itching to get her to the lake so I can go in with her and see if she'll come out to me. I never thought about dogs not knowing how to swim. I think even if I took Zoey out into deeper water she could swim out - she just doesn't enjoy it.
  23. I have a border collie (cross) and a pure Rescue GSD and they get a long GREAT! Bella (GSD) is reactive to other dogs, and never had a problem with Psyche, she loved her from the second I brought her home. They're best of buds. I'd say try a trial period and if the BC females seem to accept her, then that's great and you shouldn't have too many problems, but I am finding with my 2 1/2 year old GSD she's challenging the other dogs a lot now, and it bothers me as she's always picking an argument with the smaller dogs, but we keep it under control. I've also been told that GSDs don't mature (mentally) until about 3 years old, lol, and so far Bella's staying true to that rule. I think we have another member here who has a GSD, or a couple of others who do.
  24. Good stuff. I'll wait to start training her until then... We'll just work on all the other fun agility stuff until then - but I'm really excited to start training weaves!
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