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Usher is Gone

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Since the pharmacy made a mistake and I'm going through some not so fun withdrawals, my trainer was in town and picked up Ush. He's going to keep him for 2 weeks and "work his magic". That should give me time to feel good enough to make the drives for lessons without my furry guy not missing a step. I packed his food, wrote a note of what words he knows and his crate is filled with his favorite toys. He will sleep inside and my trainer has a 13 year old daughter that he will LOVE.


Just thought I'd keep you up to date- I still have the other two to keep me company, but already miss Usher.


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Oh Diane - sorry to hear you're not doing so well. But do you kinow you gave me a heart attack with the title of your post!! :rolleyes:


You'll miss the Usher man - but you'll both be fine. (Says she who has only been away from Kirra for about 2 weeks in her 7 years, and hasn't been away from Rory for more than a couple of hours in the 9 weeks I've had him. :D )


Do hope you can get back on track quickly.

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I'm feeling so much better today. Did a ton of laundry. My son's way of helping, even at 32 is still the same as when he was a teen-ager, take everything out of the closet and put it in the basket. So, 8 loads later I'm almost done. Usher still has one more week at the trainer. I bet he doesn't even miss me. I was wrong- it wasn't my amino acids that were low it was my potassium. They never really tell you anything- LOL.

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"8 loads later" and "almost done" :D - now you've made me feel guilty. I've got lots of laundry lying around and never really get round to it. Guess NOW would be a good time to put a load in - thanks for the kick in the behind :rolleyes: .


I'm glad to hear you're getting better!

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