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I know some of these dogs yup their damn fast, incredible to watch, but in in my opinion the control is far more impressive. Speed comes with confidence, control comes with alot of hard work and good training

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Sorry to drop off the planet there without more explanation on this! I'm going to have to have some surgery in a couple weeks and am on a pretty limiting rest schedule between now and then.


My point was that the video was all in praise of how fast the dogs were and that's totally not the "point" of Border Collies. I agree that agility well done is most impressive for the control and seamless flow - just as good cattle work is most impressive when bites are avoided rather than being one faceoff after another.

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Do the YouTube police really check music? Because, lots of times, if I want to hear an old song I haven't heard in ages, I just go to YouTube and find someone's video set to the music. I never have any trouble finding pretty much any song I want to hear. Or, if I hear a new song on the radio and want to decide whether to buy it or not, I listen on YouTube a couple times.


I'm always kind of surprised when modern artists have just left their new work up there - but then I figure they must look at it as a sort of fan art: something that exposes new people to their music without costing them any advertising $$.



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The label companies do actually hire people to trawl around the net and look for pirated postings, and then request removal from the provider. The various visual production corporations also do the same thing, looking for pirated TV, video, and movie footage that's been posted. although I've noticed that other than pre-release footage, the ones that seem to care the least are movie-related companies. TV people are particularly grudging of "off-label" use of their productions and zealous to find artifacts of any kind out there.



The reason it's so easy to find stuff, still, is the sheer volume of stuff that's put out there. On the one hand the companies have to go through a process to get things taken down, and on the other hand people can take two hours and post something. and then repost it if it gets pulled.


Speaking of welcome to the future - it's probably time for the people who really care to stop chasing the pirates around and put more effort into making outlets like Hulu work for everyone. I should be clear that I'm not defending anyone who steals music/images in this way - there's no doubt that it's at least against the rules of the usual posting sites, not to mention morally wrong.

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