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  1. Mark, So what should we do to make sure our dogs don't get hearworms ? At the present time I am using Ivermectin. Is it a just wait and see kind of thing ? thanks
  2. There 4 border collies in the Stokes County animal shelter in NC. All were owner turn in. Can anyone help.
  3. Years ago, I had a female border collie who started working on a lick granuloma. The vet prescribed Prozac and withinn just a few days she stopped licking that spot. I kept her on the med for the rest of the summer and took her off in the fall. I was suprised at how quickly it worked for her. When I was took Prozac, it was several weeks before I noticed any difference in my attitude. Although the Prozac stopped the licking, nothing else about her changed. She was still the "suck the life out of the party, fun police"
  4. Will eating cat poop hurt your dog ? I sure it can't be the best thing that a dog could eat, but is it bad for them ?
  5. We have what would be barn cats if we had horses where I live. They are outside cats that go where ever they want on the acreage I live on. They poop where ever they want also. If I put a child's sand box in my yard, do you think they might use that instead of the rest of the yard? I would fence off the sandbox so the cats could get through, but the dogs would not be able to. A few years ago we had problems with rats in the outbuildings but since my landlord got the cats the rat problem is pretty much non existent. I don't know why, but the breath of a dog that eaten horse poop is not nearly as offensive as the breath of a dog that has eaten cat poop.
  6. I don't know if Carolina Dog Training in Greensboro offers a socialization class, but they do have beginners classes that start every quarter. Now that we are on DST, you could probably get there for the earliest class and maybe make it back to your house before dark. Carolina Dog Training is having their Obedience trial this weekend. You could ride down and see just how long it would take you to get there. Check out Winston Salem Dog Training Club in Forsyth County. It would be a little bit of a haul for you, but they may have a class that would fit your needs. The Piedmont of NC is full of people who do agility and obedience. Unfortunately you are located in a county that doesn't have an active obedience/agility club.
  7. I bought some ivermectin sheep drench to use for heartworms. The container says the ivermectin should be stored at temps between 68-77 degrees farenheit. The temp inside my house won't be at 68 degrees until May. At my house in the winter, warm is 60 degrees. I have had it for a couple of weeks now. Has the ivermectin been ruined? Or would it be okay to use? thx
  8. I am thinking about going to watch the trial at Rural Hill on Saturday and was wondering if anyone from the boards will be running their dog there.
  9. Has anyone purchased anything from a company called Little City Dogs? Or know anything about the company ? I found them on Amazon and they have really good prices on generic Program and Capstar. I want to save money, but don't want to waste my money either. Thanks
  10. My Border Collies howl every morning when the geese fly off. It may be more singing than howling as their sound is very high pitched. We live less than a mile from the fire department, so when the trucks go out with sirens blasting, my dogs howl / complain about the noise.
  11. At least you found out before the trial that he was having an issue with the broad jump. If you have any ring gates, you can use them to make a chute so he can not go around the broad jump. You could also use your high jump as one side of a chute if needed. You might even want to stand in front of the jump and call him over it to you a couple of times. When he has come to you over the jump a couple of times, move back to where you should be when you send him. This should not bee too hard to fix, but do make it fun. Good Luck this weekend, where are you showing ?
  12. My puppy "Benson" is 4 months old today and weighs 22lb. He is very lanky and all knees and elbows right now.
  13. I have a 14 week old puppy that started eating poop when I changed my other dogs to the food he was eating. Previous to the change in food he had shown no interest in poop. So I put them back on the food they were previously on and am hoping that will help stop the poop eating. They are also getting pineapple in their food. I am hoping something works. Nothing worse than a dog with a crappy mouth that wants to give you a big ol smooch.
  14. Does any one think the ratio of male to female dogs matters if all dogs are spayed/neutered? I have multiple dogs and will be adding another dog to my household before too long and only have 1 female at this time. Was wondering if I should get a bitch or a dog. any input is appreciated
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