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Monday the owner of the doggy daycare where I work, and the general manager, are going together to pick out 6 lucky pups/dogs to be fostered with us at our daycare/boarding facility, where we will be adopting them out to approved homes!!!


The dogs are coming from the Louisville Metro shelter, where they euthanize dogs every friday. So, we will be saving many lives. Also, the people in charge of adoptions there was informed of my interest in BC rescue, and how I'd like to help.


My first project is a litter of BC pups rescued from a vietnamese center of town, being housed in awful conditions and intended for--yep, you guessed it,--FOOD. Sad little things! The lady told me they have a couple cute split-faces among them, just like Rune!


Boy, we're in for it. Bundles of furry love needing homes, and I get to play with them all day long and get paid for it! Really, though, in the end...it just pays to save lives. I'm so excited about this!!!

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That sounds great! I know you'll have lots of fun with them.

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